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  • Nice

    posted by furga

    ***Class 10*** (supposed to be the fastest of its kind)*** SanDisk*** (not any unknown brand)
    I really have not tested (with HD Tune or antyhing alike) its speeds of writing and reading because I use it on my cell phone and I would like it to be as fast as it could be.I may not even profit from its class-10 speed, but I thought it would be good (and faster) to take pictures or transfering files. But I'm not really sure because many other things can affect its performance.
    If you need a fast card for a photo camera, it could be a good choice because class 10, as far as I am concerned, it is the fastest type of MicroSD memory card.
  • Very fast read speed

    posted by pko66

    This roomy (32GB) microSDHC card is very fast, amply surpassing the Class 10 speed requirements. Its read speed is even higher than advertised!. Also, the pack includes a convenient microSD -> SD adapter.
    To fully enjoy the speed of this card you need a capable adapter (SDHC UHS compatible). I used a USB3 reader with the needed capabilities and these were the results using H2testw v1.4:Test finished without errors.Writing speed: 17.8 MByte/sReading speed: 66.0 MByte/sAdvertised speed was 20MByte/s write, 48MByte/s read, so these are very good real-life measurements.
    Not particular for this card, but all storage manufacturers cheat us with the *real* capacity, using KBs and MBs that are not multiples of 1024 as they should but of 1000. So, the FAT32 formatted capacity of this card is not 32GB but 29.2GB (31,425,855,488 bytes). It is the same with all brands, so nothing special to complain to DX or Samsung.
  • It's a awasome sdcard

    posted by mixmil

    well when I compare the read and write speed this card is up to 8 to 10 mbps about the others sd cards with the same capacity so I choose this for his high speed and when I saw and I prove it well it is fast and cool and came with a ten years of limited warranty.
    I love this card is samsung genuine like my phone its very useful and secure and has a lot of pros
    well if you want a really fast sd card this is your card buy it it's kind of cheap considering the class so buy it
  • Great order!!

    posted by garretereis

    - Very fast to write!- Very fast to read!- Very very cheap!- It's a genuine product!- Shipment was very fast! (3 weeks)
    I received it today. I just run a memory test with a specific software (h2testw), and all is ok! This is an great purchase! Very good and cheap product. I'm from Brasil, and here it's very expansive!! The shipment was very fast (3 weeks only). It's amazing!! Here in Brasil it uses to be very very slow!!
    I really recommend it!! I am using it in my sony nex-c3 and it's all right. I tested it in my pc and the speed is much better than common class 4 cards.
  • Genuine Kingmax Micro SD

    posted by povolos

    It is just awesome and work very good. 32GB is enough for most people. You can use it on phones, cameras and all kind of devices...Probably the best price/value MicroSD on the site.-high speed-yes its 32gb really
    recomended for the category of 32GBOverall its a very good product for this price.It is a good Card, good brand - KINGMAX, good capability - 32GB, and Class 10!, which is great Good price too. Some people may need more capacity maybe and then go for a 64GB Micro SD card, but this one is fine if you are good with a more modest option.
    recomended for the category of 32GBOverall its a very good product for this price.


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