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  • Fast and cheap SD card

    posted by AgusFX

    Excelent quality of the product, it fit nice in my cellphone.It improve the functionality of the system.
    The sd card function excelent, I use it in my cellphone and in a few ocations in my camera, which i use it with the adaptor having no problema.I bough it in the special offers so that Price it was more than excellent. You could wait a days if that price repeat maybe.
    Is a very good choice if your are looking for a cheap sd card.
  • Best deal on a micro SD card you can get!

    posted by tonytoxic

    Just the best price you can get for a genuine SanDisk microSD card. I already bought two of these. Usually prices will be much higher on the internet and in stores. I have no problems using it whatsoever with my smartphone or my mini TV dongle (android based)It comes with a transparent plastic case.
    No other thoughts on this product.
    Best micro SD card 32 Gb you can get!
  • Kingston good as usual

    posted by maximusdecimus8

    It behaves very good, it's real kingston so, for the price it's very good. I bought for my smartphone, and it behaves really fast now, there is so much space available. I recommend this card
    actually it freezes when I use with my video camera... but I guess that is because My vidcamera need class 10 MicroSD, and this is only class 4
    It's very good for the price, even if it's a class 4 memory. but if you want to do just regular stuff, it's just fine
  • Easy to use, plug and play even under Android

    posted by dracnegre66

    Great reader, you can read and copy from a Android tablet or mobile phone, and paste it to a pc through a SD card (or another type accepted, I always using a SD card)Also, you can copy to the other way.
    It's easy to use, plug and play on Windows and even under Android systems. You don't need to purchase these expensive pendrives with one USB in and antoher microUSB in, you can use your old SD (or TF, but I don't use these) cards to copy your files from your PC to your phone or tablet.
    Easy to use.
  • Good value for money

    posted by naprossen

    - 32 GB for 25£!- SD adapter included- Class 4 (decent speed)- Comes with the usual small transparent plastic case
    Fast enough, and seems quite reliable.I've been using it as the boot device for my Raspberry Pi, and it hasn't failed me so far despite the heavy use (it's my test board, so I do a lot of recompiling, formatting, re-installing and so on).The adapter works perfectly (I had another, more expensive 8 GB TF card whose adapter makes my laptop freeze).
    A micro SD card that does exactly what you would expect from it.Couldn't find a better one for this price.

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