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mhl to hdmi adapter

This is our best mhl to hdmi adapter, they all share a great design and great prices. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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mhl to hdmi adapter Customers Reviews

  • Great for S3-I9305

    posted by titann

    - Works very well- Very light and compact- Works on TVs and monitors- The audio is transmitted on the cable when the receiver can output audio, and the phone's own speaker is automatically muted, and if audio out is not supported (ie. monitors) the phone will provide the audio
    - Charging cable can very well connect to your TV's USB ports (works even with the 0.5A ports)- If the HDMI port will yeld a "No Signal" message, but your phone does say "HDMI connected" you may have to just reset your phone (just the first time, after that, you're good).
    A very nice compact product.
  • Great quality, it works nice with my S2

    posted by pitzyper

    It works perfect wth my Galaxy S2 with HD and Full HD Sony TV's. You can make some gaming and videos watching on the TV with original digital audio, all through HDMI connection.
    The TV detects the HDMI connection as a 1080i quality, but I think the real content you see is about the native phone resolution (in my case 800x480).
    A quitely good adapter, it feels as every device with "made in china plastic quality" but when you hold it, it feels sturdy by the way. The real HDMI resolution depends from the native phone resolution.
  • It works!

    posted by pinguimcapixaba

    Cable of good quality, sturdy, similar to the original, only much cheaper. It works the same way for a much cheaper price.
    When I bought this cable, I was afraid it does not work, because I bought other cables for phones and never had any luck. Unlike other times, I was hoping to buy this. Really worth it. The cable worked perfectly well. The picture is great and impressed everyone in the room.
    Who wants to SIII cable to display images from mobile screen on TV, you can buy this without fear, works perfectly well without any intervention or adaptation / adjustment. The cable is now complete, just plug it.
  • Worth the money

    posted by Truesh00ter

    Works like a charm. Moments after you insert all the cables and the TV starts to search for the channel with input you will see your screen. I've used this with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and my Nexus 7, both give perfect image. On HD quality.
    I'm using my adapter for presentations on beamers for my study. Or watch movies or play games! It has tons of opportunities and uses.
    Awesome piece to have if you like your devices as much as I do. Really easy in use and looks quite sturdy.
  • Doesn't work with Galaxy S3.

    posted by Cr0wbar

    Quality seems to be good. The cable is around the right thinkness and shouldn't break too easily. Great length and the price isn't too bad when compared to official Samsung products.
    Perhaps an upgrade with gold-plated plugs would be nice.
    Great cable if you're using a Galaxy S2 or any phone that supports MHL with 5-pins. Stay away if you're using a Galaxy S3, which requires an 11-pin MHL cable. I'm guessing the Note 2 is the same.

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