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On this page, you can find a wide selection of meter digital meters. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. You can also browse meter digital thermometer, dc digital meter. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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meter digital meters Customers Reviews

  • How to assemble the LC - meter with battery with your hands

    posted by IgorRostov

    This is a very usefull, precise device.
    Can be used as a supporting device in the home laboratory. It works and does what it is supposed to do. My friends asked me to byu few devices for them too.
    How to assemble the LC - meter with battery withyour hands.Russia, Rostov-on-Donhttp://youtu.be/RUjWC84wMq8
  • Professional device with reasonible price

    posted by ArcticAce

    + Easy to use
    + Big LCD Screen
    + LCD BAR graphical indicators at 1dB levels
    + dBA and dBC selection
    + Professional measurement range 30-130dB
    + Fast and slow dynamic characteristics modes
    + AC and DC signed output, DC 9V input
    + Accuracy (+-1,5dB)
    DX price could be lower, but if I would buy same device at local store, it would cost at least three times more than from DX.
    Good and accurate tool for home and professional usage. If you are looking similar device, please check that it also has 30-130dB measurement range.
  • pvieira

    posted by Paulo9133

    Great product, very useful if you need a simple voltmeter. I was looking for a product like this for months, but I found just car voltmeters. Looks like a professional product, you can install it in a professional power supply and sell, good presentation, no scratchs or failures on injected plastic.
    This product could have some instructions, for example: what is the trimpot for? What is maximum and minimum dc power input? And about range, could be 0 to 19.99Vcc? If we could change dot position (with a simple jumper), this meter could be used in much more applications.
    I really like this product, I recommend.
  • Ótimo Voltimetro. Excelente Amperimetro!

    posted by riewe

    The voltmeter is very precise measuring with a multimeter, gave a difference of only 0.5V, not counting that has a refresh rate very good, as quick as one multimeter with LCD.The ammeter works well, has to be the highlight in beautiful Azul, which in my opinion is perfect for differentiating the voltage rating. The shunt 50A, had no problems for me, because the project that hired him, uses only 30A.I believe this is the most beautiful amps in this price range.
    For my use, it worked correctly.
  • Wood humidity meter

    posted by elepi

    Good build quality,Very solid plastic with soft touch coating, batteries are included, It have internal termperature and humidity meter, witch make reading more accurate Whole device look very profesional and it is.
    Look good , i will add some comments as soon as i figure out what are materials 1 to 7. It gives you instatnt reading off wood and concrete.
    I'm wery satisfied with product and im suggesting to buy it.

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