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metal stand holder Customers Reviews

  • Surprisingly well built

    posted by nogginboink

    This windshield mount is surprisingly sturdy. It was, in fact, rather difficult to flex the gooseneck when I was setting it up. This sounds bad, but in practice it means that this thing won't flop around in your car. I was able to use this to capture usable 'dash cam' footage with my Galaxy S4 because the phone was held steady by the stand.
    The plate that holds the phone is a separate piece from the suction cup/neck. I'd bet that other holders would be compatible with the suction cup/neck and you could swap out phones/GPSes/whatever without removing the suction cup from your vehicle if you were so inclined.
    This stand is worth it. I've only had this for a short time but I don't have any regrets at all about ordering this product.
  • Fantastic holder for a phone, tablet or ebook reader

    posted by bbubanja

    Veru durable and functionally efficient holder for phones, tablet computers and ebook readers. I use it on regular basics with Samsung Galaxy S2, and two tablets 7" and 10", as well with 6" ebook reader. It is made from plastic covered steel, and it will last forever. In the packed form it can be carried in the pocket. Standing angle is completely adjustable.
    Simple and effective solution.
    This is the best universal holder for phones, tablets and ebook readers you can find on market today.
  • Oh, they were tiny!

    posted by Mzzah

    -Wow, they are tiny!
    -They look great
    -The material has a nice quality feel to it
    -Great functionality
    The holders are much smaller than I expected but that really isn't a bad thing as it also makes them really cute. The rubber padding is great for protecting your phone from the metal edges, but a few more could have been included in the package.
    For functionality these things get an A+, you can use them for holding your phone or even for something bigger.
    They are tiny, but that's not a bad thing at all!
  • Good stand

    posted by kanivec

    Excellent holder for its price, strong and durable. The package includes a set of rubber stickers. Well hold the phone, even in a vertical orientation. Quite lightweight for aluminum.
    Excellent aluminum stand for the phone, but the price could be less. In any case, I would recommend this SKU to the purchase.
  • Evaluation

    posted by Jakss

    - Small size- Light weight material- Easy mounting- Extremely low cost holder- Applicable to various items, not just cameras- Strength- Smart design for fastening
    I have purchased 2 variants of these holders, the black and aluminium color. After over six months they still serve me well. I have not used them for camera, but for directional sound system. Works great. The smart design allows me to point the speaker into exact direction.
    A product worth buying. Decent price for decent quality of the holders. Strength and durability does not seem to be an issue with this product. I would recommend you to but it.

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