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  • Oh, they were tiny!

    posted by Mzzah

    -Wow, they are tiny!
    -They look great
    -The material has a nice quality feel to it
    -Great functionality
    The holders are much smaller than I expected but that really isn't a bad thing as it also makes them really cute. The rubber padding is great for protecting your phone from the metal edges, but a few more could have been included in the package.
    For functionality these things get an A+, you can use them for holding your phone or even for something bigger.
    They are tiny, but that's not a bad thing at all!
  • Great stand for my iPhone

    posted by PodunkWA

    I have another pair of these stands in black. I have been misplacing mine, and I bought these because the bright blue should make them stand out more. I love how light they are, yet how sturdy. They do a great job of supporting my phone while I watch videos on it.
    These come with little rubber pads that will cushion the part that rests against your iPhone screen and underneath to protect your tabletop.
    I love the devilish grins on these little iPhone stands. You can't beat the price. Give one to a friend, or leave one on your desk at work and one at your desk at home. There are no cons to this product--buy it.
  • Does the job

    posted by rodceballos

    We mostly bough it for the price and need to connect a video light and a mike to the camera at the same time. It's the right lenght to put the mike on the side and keep the video light above the camera, and the connections fasten securily enough to feel safe.
    I might buy a better on in future but for now the price was a consideration I had to consider.
    It's a good price and does the job well enough considering the price. It fits well in most camera bags and should help you work with a mike and light or flash unit. Just don't stack too much on and expect it to be stable.
  • Evaluation

    posted by Jakss

    - Small size- Light weight material- Easy mounting- Extremely low cost holder- Applicable to various items, not just cameras- Strength- Smart design for fastening
    I have purchased 2 variants of these holders, the black and aluminium color. After over six months they still serve me well. I have not used them for camera, but for directional sound system. Works great. The smart design allows me to point the speaker into exact direction.
    A product worth buying. Decent price for decent quality of the holders. Strength and durability does not seem to be an issue with this product. I would recommend you to but it.
  • very useful but too small for some phones

    posted by igorsantos07

    very useful, as you can use the computer while the cellphone is still viewable at your side. It's small and doesn't call attention as the other rubber ones, that are big and bulky.
    Very nice but you should take care about where you place it. NEVER put your phone on it while it's on the edge of the desk. I did that, and accidentally hit it and it felt from my desk. Yes, that broke my phone's screen.
    You should buy if your phone is thin and you have free space on your desk.


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