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This is our best metal lighter, they all share a great design and great prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

metal lighter Customers Reviews

  • Can't beat it for the price

    posted by yodamedic

    nice lighter for the price. If you're a collector of things with skulls this is a must have. Solid built with a nice click as you open and close the lid. I have to say this is better quality than the normal products from deal extreme. well built
    must have, great for going out on an upscale casual night. The skull is a little weird and people give it a second look. i found in the short time i have had it people take a second look at you with it. It's not one where the smile and say that's kewl.
    Worth having even if it is a buck over priced and will make your aquaitances and friends take a second look at you.
  • Nice!

    posted by TimothyRuhe

    - Nobody in my country has ever seen some kind of thing, so it's kind of unique here.- It's very easy to use, and very handy if you have only one hand to light your cigarette's. Like when you are driving.- It protects your cigarettes from getting broken.- It's very cheap for a cigarette case and a lighter together.- It's strong looking.
    It's really a nice and unique cigarette case. But for just one dollar more you can buy a nicer cigarette case. So look around before you just buy.
    A nice way to hold your cigarettes with.
  • Nice lighter

    posted by NicolasJannes

    Good quality, low price, exactly how I wanted, it's a cheap replacement for a zippo, same look, same materials, so if you like zippos, you would love this one! Especially if you're looking a low-budget price! Feels nice, easy to use. I really like it.
    It's a cool lighter, easy to use and easy to refill, I recommend buying this!
    If you like cool lighters you should definately get one of these! It came in a safe package, so there was no damage at all, excelent for free shipping. Definately recommanding this to my friends and family, thank you dealextreme!
  • Best and cheapest lighter

    posted by Cenox

    Very good lighter, good flame, very light, beautiful to the eye, everything is very smooth.Very cheap for the quality of the thing, less than 3 dollars, delivery to put the time, but the result is there, this lighter is great.
    Buy IT ! It's the best lighter I've ever had for the price/quality.
    Very good lighter, I do not buy more lighters because I really like this one!
  • Cheap and beatiful

    posted by lucas.beier

    - Very beatiful,
    - Looks more expensive than $5,
    - Works perfectly,
    - Come in a plastic case for protection,
    - Looks like Zippo,
    - The sound of "click" is very high.
    In resume: cheap, beatiful, cheap, beatiful, cheap, beatiful...
    - I think its better than my real Zippo. And more beatiful...
    - Come empy... well, but, for $5, what I expect???
    Get one! The price helps! For $5 is a lot!

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