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  • Great for the Price

    posted by magixx

    Decent Build Quality
    Can detect paperclip sized objects
    Good price
    Includes holster
    Good build quality
    If you need to find the odd thing which has metal in it, or you lose a screw and want to find it, this metal detector is sensitive enough to do it and cheap enough that it is affordable to most people. At this price I think it was worth buying even though I won't always use it.
  • Found my wedding ring

    posted by aaronfulton1

    This is a good quality metal detector. I don't know if it's the real deal or a knockoff but it works very well. I purchased it to find my wedding ring which I lost in the garden and it worked with ease (plus found a few other bits of metal buried).
    Fantastic product for a fantastic price. I'd recommend this product to anyone who has lost a ring.
    Great investment! Purchasing this metal detector was much cheaper than a new wedding ring.
  • A fantastic detector

    posted by argente

    - Very good device - Easy managing - Good materials of construction - Good design - It weighs little - Only it needs of a battery of 9V. To work
    Though it can use as help in the beach detection, surely it is not the most advisable thing for the enormous work that it needs for it.
    I am surprised enough by the quality - price of the product. It is a good option for those that want to initiate for the first time with this type of devices without spending a lot of money in it.It detects only 5cm of depth, but to search for the superficial caps of the area is a good option.
  • best value for money for a Garret Detector

    posted by mobileaccess

    Nice Hand Held Metal Detector- simple to use - does what it is supposed to do
    We ordered one the first day it was featured as new product on DealExtreme. Although not advertised as one, it states the 'Garrett' Brand name on the grip. Not sure if it is original but behaves as one.
    Too bad DX couldn't tell me the difference between this model and the one with sku.6646 when we ordered. Otherwise I would probably have ordered the other one since it has selectable sensitivity. By now you can spot the difference when you compare pictures. Still strange to me why the other model is a few cents cheaper although it has an additional feature (sensitivity switch).

    Anyway a good value for this price when you know that the same Garrett Detectors sell for 100-200Euros here...
  • Not bad

    posted by slava009

    I bought it for home use. I needed to add a new outlet on the wall and I didn't know where specifically to drill to get to the cable.It is easy to use. It has bag for the device, and battery included in package.
    Would be good to have a sensibility regulator, that will allow you to increase or decrease sensibility and detect metals at higher distance. Or deeper in walls.
    Simple and easy to use device. Has done it's job properly ...

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