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metal bluing Customers Reviews

  • Ok, but bearly

    posted by vonSchnoid

    Sweet, nice deep blue color finish. Thick sturdy aluminum alloy adds up to the feel. The lock slide mechanism works well and doesn't feel flimsy.
    Unfortunately the cons outweighs the pros on this one and i wouldn't recommend a buy.
  • Works

    posted by cousineau

    Just like the other LEDs except no phosphorus so it doesn't output white light. I needed pure blue for an application so I bought a few of these. Very bright blue light, although the eye isn't particularly sensitive to blue so it doesn't look nearly as bright as the white. These hold up well even if you accidentally reverse the polarity, or if you forget to turn the fan on for the heatsink.
    I use old P4 or Athlon heatsinks with the fans to keep these cool and it works very well. Even without the fan, they seem to survive but really do heat up.
    If you need the pure blue, these work well.
  • Slick little holders

    posted by Dee004

    Great little cell phone or electronic device holders. Light weight not cumbersome. With the supplied rubber pads installed the cell phone stays right where I place it. I added little rubber pads to the bottom of the holders to help stay put. I use them in my truck to secure my cell phone on the dash to allow me to see the display while using my Torque app on my Galaxy Android phone. Does not clutter dash or hamper view out of windshield.
    Two more pads for the bottom would be worthy of five stars.
    All in all I would recommend these to anybody who requires their device to be held in an upright position. Works as advertized.
  • Really bright from a small emitter, great price

    posted by 4xssx4

    This thing is extremely bright for a small emitter, the color is a nice deep blue and creates a lot of shimmer, great for saltwater tanks, it makes the corals and the fishes colors pop and illuminate, it also penetrates the deep with plenty of light at two feet
    Wish I bought extra, the first time I bought some they came in bubble wrap, the second they came in plastic baggies, don't know why but they weren't damaged
    Great value, bright, small, easy to solder
  • great price-quality

    posted by rickie1818

    - low price- good solid quality- accurate weight - appealing looks- super sharp points, they will penetrate the dartboard with ease.
    ive used them for a month now, ive allready got 180 en several 140's. these darts are great! all i had to do is change the flights.
    for this price you won't get anything better! even though the flights are worthless, you can get new for about 0,5$ a set!

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