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metal belt buckle

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metal belt buckle Customers Reviews

  • Super Tough Belt!

    posted by snowspeeder

    I was just thrilled receiving this belt today. It turned out to be a tougher belt than anticipated. The buckle is has some kind of police logo on it (great for police fans). And the belt itself is super tough. Great for daily use.Check out the close up photos I will be uploading immediately after this!
    Great price for this quality. This is a free size belt that will fit most wait lines. My waist is like 34 inches and after wearing the belt, there is still a good 6 inches of belt allowance. So I suppose this belt can fit waist lines up to 38 or 40 inches (just my guess).
  • Nice Blackhawk rigger's belt replica.

    posted by Bolodja

    Useful for carrying your gear or tools attached. Correct measure for large and medium sizes. Strong nylon and velcro, both well sewn. Heavy metal buckle painted in black, close to the original weight. In fact, it looks very similar to the original belt, including the label of the manufacturer (not shown in pictures). It seems to be durable. Nice price.
    Perfect for airsoft activities and impressions.
  • Good value for money

    posted by edjekadetje1980

    Looks pretty good and comes very cheap. An accurate photo of the product is shown
    I'm a little worried about the knob you have to push through the holes in the belt in order to fix it in place. I really wonder how long this system will last, durability might nog be great.I wish they'd add a variant to this belt that's not this narrow, I would like one twice as large (at the same length). That would probably require a more conventional system in order to lock the belt in place also.
    Does what it is supposed to do for a low price. Might turn out to be not a very durable product, but at the going rate I'm just glad it's holding up my pants for now!
  • Stron and tough

    posted by Aretzkee

    - thick , strong material
    - tough buckle made of thick metal
    - lever locking mechanism - easy to open
    - piece of leather sewed at the end of belt saving from ripping
    Very nice item, I've bought it to replace my other canvas belts but made of thin canvas and with much less tough buckles (locking was also not perfect). Mine was Victorinox branded (color logo at the buckle and "Victorinox" letters at the lever) - VERY NICE :)
    Good, tough product for tough use. Pitty that it is impossible to choose buckle engraving - Dealextreme, please, PLEASE do this - not everyone are happy to get US eagle or other random design. Maybe it is good way to sell belts and buckles separately to give possibility of self composition?
  • Good belt

    posted by bolla3

    This belt is very nice. It is very comfortable and easy to get on and off. The color is olive drab. (Almost perfect color match)
    I was a bit worried about the size because I wasn't sure where the velcro was. you need the belt to be at least 8 cm longer than your actual waist size, preferably more.
    A very nice belt. I bought this for every day use and am now thinking about buying another for outdoor use.

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