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  • Scarf tactic.

    posted by moranra

    This scarf tactic is the best choice for outdoor sports, especially for airsoft, which is the use I give; protects well the neck, being quite long even to cover your face with it, protects quite well against bolazos of airsoft rifles, is very comfortable and soft, and your breathing perfectly as this perforated material designed for that use.
    Other uses may be to stop cutting it and cover the assault rifle for airsoft games, offering perfect camouflage of weapon. Note that the scarf is for military use, as its wrapper, designed for use in winter and in summer, because the heat does not build up excessively and allows perspiration.
    I've been using in Airsoft.
  • great scarf

    posted by monsieurpierre

    This is a very comfortable,warm stylish piece of 3 seasons clothing. Depending on how you wear it (it is long enough to wear different ways), it will cut the chill in spring and autumn, and heep you warm in winter.
    It really does not need any border stitching because fabric will not fray.
    Inexpensive but stylish and warm. If you can take the army green colour, you will be happy with it.
  • No more mosquitos!

    posted by zimone76

    very useful, can be used in all situations, at sea during fishing trips, but also in the countryside, in all situations where there are pesky insects...
    is equipped with two rubber bands, one to keep the hat firmly on his head, the other to stretch the grid, the second is very fragile...
    great for making a small gift, I bought 3 and given away to my fishing buddies who have been very happy
  • Excellent product - great for organizing cables

    posted by Darkblade48

    This is a great product for those that need to organize their computer cables, or any type of electrical wiring in general. DX provides this product in ample length, so it should be more than enough for all your wire organization needs. I first started using these for some electrical wiring organization, but now I have found other uses for it as well.
    The application process is a little lengthy and tedious, but once you are actually done organizing the wires, it looks great.The cable sleeving is zip tied together by DX for easy handling, so it is not a big tangled mess.
    This is a great product to get, especially if you find that you have a lot of electrical projects/wire organizing that needs to be done.
  • Take that, you rotten little bugs

    posted by nukenik

    Mosquitoes love me... or at least they love my blood. They'll go after me no matter what repellent I use, so this is a great solution for working in the yard or just waiting for the dog to do her business.
    This comes bundled into a very small pouch for easy carrying. It's small enough that I have it hanging on my key hook near the door for easy access. The mesh is fine and it covers enough area to be effective. Who wants mosquito bites on the face and neck?
    If the bugs are bugging you... go for it.


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