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  • Great warm T6 Dropin

    posted by 4ngry

    It is a great replacement for acetylene or candle while making cave photos due its color. On middle and low modes its reasonably power-saving on 1 18650 battery.
    With Ultrafire WF-501B housing it becomes a good flashlight for your caving needs.
    I tried to buy additionally few of this, but they were not at the store. I would recommend this drop-in for everyone likes "warm lamp light".
  • Very bright, useless strobe modes

    posted by thefezman

    This drop-in is very bright (even with 1x18650, although not as bright as you would expect for an R2).
    You get a lot of runtime using the low mode, and it is still very usable in almost all circumstances.
    Is it that hard to make a Hi-Med-Low light with no stupid strobe modes? I'd be Much happier with a 100%-80%-60%-40%-20% light than with Hi-Med-Lo-Strobe-SOS.
    If this didn't have strobes, it would be a 5 star drop in for sure.
  • When you need local storage

    posted by kirovclass

    Simple daughterboard that can help you to provide your Arduino project with a local non-volatile storage.PCB design seems very clean, nothing to complain about it.
    An improvement could be to ship it with an optional connector that allows it to mount the board horizontally.
    There are no much choices when there is a need to store data locally on a Arduino project, and for the little price, it's good to have one of these in the toolbox.
  • Bright drop in for UF 302B

    posted by lasermanathome

    Gives much light, the lower power modes come in handy.There is really a T6 inside.Throw in very good.Does not become overheated.
    The overkill T6 leds does not have to work on its max, like driving 60miles an hour in a Ferrari...So the led will last for ever, i think.The driver does not give much current, t6hat why the drop in is not so bright but 500 lumen out of an UF 302....For its performance it is a cheap and good drop in
  • Works alright

    posted by danrulz98

    Well, its pretty cheap for flash memory.
    The build quality is alright, the case did snap apart once when I was pulling it off of the motherboard. But, the build inside seems nice and clean. No complaints there.
    It's very tiny, and does indeed just pop onto the IDE port on the motherboard of my file sever.
    Its a really cool idea and all, but a bit worthless with such little space! The 4+ GB version is probably much more suitable unless you're only going to be running DOS or a very minimal linux system from it. If you're using DOS or something small like that, this is a great product!
    Great for minimal needs!
    No so great if you want something more than minimal. A 4+ GB one would be better suited.

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