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This is our best memory card case, they all share a great design and great prices. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. samsung memory card or 2gb memory card may offer more options for you. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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memory card case Customers Reviews

  • Basic Memmory Card Case

    posted by andrewph

    Good for storing cards in a cool and dry placeStiff plastic case.Almost the same size as a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP.Palm sized with non-slip surface on the edge.
    Avoid opening all the way, unless its necessary.the thinge might break. Not sure if the hinges are strong enough for repeated opening and closing.
    Not water tight enough for a quick water exposure.Good memory card protector/case stored in a cool dry place.
  • Storage Case util

    posted by hunterdiego

    -Useful and convenient to carry games and memory sticks without any problem-Shipping took only 3 weeks to arrive, it's fast, it usually takes one month or more-It is resistant to falls-The games and memory sticks are well suited to the slot
    Storage case simple, useful to bring your games
    It's a good buy, but could be cheaperThe quality is improved, but is resistant
  • Tested to be Waterproof (black one, for 4CF and 4 MS Pro Duo)

    posted by Baycode

    Extremely rugged and waterproof construction. I have tested the waterproofness (please check mp pics). Inside is cushioned with silicone like, shock absorbing material while outside is solid plastic. I believe it can withstand some shock. It feels very solid. I assume it can stand a heavy load like a car passing over it! There is whole for attaching a lanyard. The locking clip is very secure and strongly keeps it closed yet not very difficult to open.
    I have tested this case under running tap water and submerged under 5cm deep water for 31 minutes. After the tests I have opened the case and there were no water inside! Not even a small drop of water! I confirm that it is waterproof! It is positively buoyant. This is good because if you accidentally drop it into the water it would not sink.
    I have accidentally purchased the case for CF and MSPro Duo cards. I should have bought the case for CF and SD cards. Be careful before purchase. The different cases have different color clips.We pay attention while buying our cameras and lenses but we don't care about protecting our cards. I think this case is one of the most important accessory for a digital photographer!Shockproof in to some degree and most important waterproof!
  • Best in the market

    posted by dunantar

    I work a lot with data. Sometimes I work as DIT and that involves that the security of data is my main responsibility. So I've tried lots of storage solutions for flash memories. Original ones, Highly priced branded ones and I can say without any doubt that this one beats them all.I love the versatility of it's different designs you can choose from a varied catalog depending on your format needs. This one in particular is the most versatile of them all.
    Even the external package is well constructed it gives you the impression from the beginning that you are about to open a good product
    It includes a verification code under a coated sticker.You just have to visit the web www.jjc.cc and enter the code under printed on the sticker. After that you will receive a message verifying the authenticity of your product.
  • Great Quality Card Case!

    posted by wandredeselva

    1) Very hard construction2) Well waterproofness3) You can hold 12 cards ( 8 SD cards + 4 Flash Cards) together4) Economy of space5) Gain in organization of your cards6) Very very good and resistant material7) I didn't test if it is waterproof, but the excelent quality of ruber ring, made me believe on it. 8) It seems to me that it is shockproof to
    It is so good and resistant as a case from famous (profesional) products.
    quality, roughness and funcionality

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