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  • Better than I thought it would be.

    posted by Forgiven

    Driver seems to be well built. Its very easy to use, and on 6 nimh cells it drives 5 XRE R2s well. It was brighter than I thought it would be on high.
    This driver barely fits in the neck of A M*g C tube. I used it in a D. 5 XRE R2s with the 18mm DX reflectors SKU 14598 (4 pack so you will need 2 packs) Wired the leds in sires made a light brighter than a P7 with a long throw and very smooth beam.
    This is the only cheap boost driver I know of that will drive 5 leds on 7.4 volts. This was the easiest multiple emitter light I ever made.
  • When you need local storage

    posted by kirovclass

    Simple daughterboard that can help you to provide your Arduino project with a local non-volatile storage.PCB design seems very clean, nothing to complain about it.
    An improvement could be to ship it with an optional connector that allows it to mount the board horizontally.
    There are no much choices when there is a need to store data locally on a Arduino project, and for the little price, it's good to have one of these in the toolbox.
  • Works fine

    posted by jonnymey

    Worked? Yes it works.
    Maybe I got a bad driver with the flashlight sku 36031 , this driver looks to be a good one, test it after soldered to the flashlight and it lasted till the batteries went dim , about 1.5 hours. Hope it will last.
    If you have the same light as me you might soon need one of these. I had never soldered anything before this and I was able to figure out how to replace the driver, I'm so impressed by myself, :) it's not that hard , really. And good driver BTW, buy it if u need it, it works.
  • good for modding

    posted by veko960

    its perfect for moding or replacement for old or broken driver. if you know how to solder u can easily add or remove the circuits and manage the output current, one circuits transmit 350mA. I bought 3 drivers one for parts other 2 for flashlight. its have the voltage protection on 3V flashlight star blinking.
    good replacement or improvement for XMLs flashlight
    best driver for XMLs on DX so far.
  • Cheap and good

    posted by heng84

    Easy to use, ratings are accurate close to 1 amp when used with 18650 batt, not too hard to soldere, cheap and nice
    could have come with spring for easier battery contact
    ok cheap nice easy to use, recommended i use it with q5 and r2 led quite good and bright. to have maximum output make sure u choose the correct set of batteries or else you will get low ma


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