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  • a good product.

    posted by JakoMeister

    A good value for this price. 2 glue bars. it works fine. It melts and stick very well. A good value, a good product. Ideal for your home DIY projects. Its better than buy glue tubs.
    Be sure to use the correct glue gun for this kind of product, it does not works with all kinds of glue guns. It works fine for 20 W glue guns. You can purchase it in dx.com a gun for this kind of glue. Obviously, dont touch the glue when it is hot, it could be dangerous.
  • Great hot glue gun stick!

    posted by RealDJKA

    When heated - gets transparent like an ice, sticks very well to many surfaces, easy to use...
    Recommended of course, price could be little less though.
    Great product, would buy it next time if don't find a cheaper one of the same quality.
  • Great product!

    posted by RealDJKA

    Solid-build, looks like quality product. Packaging is so-so and instructions are in Chinglish, but oh well! Heats up in a few minutes(4-6), so is't OK.
    Haven't used for a longer time period, but looks sturdy and usable, hope it gonna last long.
    Definitely recommended for a such price tag! Looks nice, feels like a quality item!
  • Super fast glue gun

    posted by SeBBBe

    *Heats up very quickly and it's great for applying large amounts of glue since it has very high output capacity.*Adjustable heat setting. Without this setting it'd probably overheat..
    It has a decent build with metal tip and feels reasonably sturdy but the plastic isn't of the best quality and the soldering and internal assembly is not top notch. Be careful with the heat setting or you might damage it. The quality does appear to be adequate, however.
    It's a good glue gun for a reasonable price. It's probably good if you're a bit handy since I suspect the internals might come loose and the soldering might break in places if you're not careful with it. But if you take care of it, it'll probably last a long time.
  • Buyer

    posted by Baks80

    very Small, very compact, very easy to use, heats quickly, Good price
    I will recommend to friends, convenient supply of glue in the nose, because the adhesive rod is fed smoothly, you always know how much you need adhesive for bondingbecause of its small size I can put it in his pocket and he will not be visible to othersI use almost every day, and I am very pleased with this purchase
    This thing is worth its money

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