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medicine organizer pill

The medicine organizer pill your looking for is one of our top sellers. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. With your support, we can do better.

medicine organizer pill Customers Reviews

  • alex

    posted by Alex720677

    1). Qualitative plastic.2). The container is rather densely closed, it is possible not to be afraid that that нибудь will drop out. 3)The goods were pleasant.
    It is possible to use not only for storage of medical tablets. is suitable for storage of various fine details:1. hooks and marmyshka for fishing;2. small screws, bolts and nuts.3. small ornaments.
    Good qualitative goods, exact description of the goods. Received that wanted. It would be desirable the price slightly cheaper.
  • Forget no more..

    posted by Yakousei

    Well I'd forget my head to the toilet if it weren't bolted to my shoulders. So this pill case is just great.I used to forget my daily med's but not anymore. The system has 7 slots - so enough for one week. No need for labeling or anything else due to the great wheel-of-fortune roll mechanism.
    I wish they would switch the pole that keeps the lid in place to a watch type spring rod or just a plain metal.
    All in all great system.. Need to get myself another as the old one is messed up now.
  • Really nice

    posted by Avaslon

    Looks really nice, cheap as usual at dx.com, and truly easy of use. Timer appeared to be quite smart, as it has an option of four-times-a-day alarm calling. My mom is glad I got her such a present, and it wasn't easy to find pillbox with multiple timers. Until now.
    Thanks, dealextreme!You're awesome - although Russian Post makes it really hard for you to trade stuff to us. Your shipping is quite prompt, and russian post delivery is godawful and terribly long-term.
    I'm pleased with the bargain! Will review other items when I get them.

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