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  • Great stainless automatic mechanical watch

    posted by pordefault

    It just arrived today! Amazing! It was well packed, arrived safe, and works. The intricate mechanisms are a joy to behold. The balance wheel rotates back and forth. The second hand takes four (I think?) little steps per second! The quality is good at first glance, and still very good even upon close inspection.
    This watch is a must-have if you're looking for style (if you're into steampunk or skeleton watches for example), but unfortunately mine doesn't keep track of the time accurately, so it's more an aesthetic accessory than a practical tool.
    Great watch and an unbelievable price! looks real manly and works fine. Buy it
  • I like it... a lot

    posted by nukenik

    This is a very attractive watch with an open view into the interior. It's self-winding or can be wound by knob. No batteries. So far, it's kept great time and looks very sharp. The band is big enough to fit even my thick wrist.
    One nice feature is the Blue-tinted hands on the watch. I have some other inside-revealed watches, and silver or gold hands are difficult to see. This little extra touch makes this much easier to check the time.
    I doubt you'll be disappointed if you buy one. If you do and don't care for it personally, it would make an impressive gift.
  • Simply a Stunner!!

    posted by vindicate

    Upon full winding, which was pretty easy with the shaking, and left alone the watch lasted me 19 hours with an overall time gain of 21 seconds. Simply a beauty that mesmerized all my friends who saw this watch when I wore it. They thought this watch cost few hundred bucks even when they saw the brand.
    The 2nd small dial is a second-hand which when arrived was running 5 seconds faster than the second-hand on the main dial. However, that was an easy fix and both and running in sync now.
    This watch could be used for any formal/informal occasions looking classy. Has since been my favorite watch. Don't hesitate.
  • Awesome looking watch!

    posted by lamcdonald

    - Looks great! I had to buy two because my friend saw me browsing the watch category and immediately picked this out as one he wanted.
    - All hands/features work: Hours/minutes, Seconds (small dial below the main hands), 24-hour hand (on the left) and day/night indicator.
    - The face is textured, which makes it look even more expensive.
    - It has a tourbillon! (OK it's not a TRUE tourbillon, but it still looks very impressive)
    Lug width (band width) is 22mm. The watch is approx. 45mm from lug to lug, and the bezel diameter is about 41mm. The bezel does not rotate.
    If you want a watch that looks a bit like a Breitling but only costs a tiny fraction of the price, get this one!
  • Looks fantastic!

    posted by alexow2907

    It looks absolutely fantastic for its price! You can turn the calipers inside the watch frame through the button on the top left corner, although what's it for, I'm still unsure. In addition, you can actually turn the tachymeter, although I also do not know what's it for, this is the first time I bought a watch from DX where I can actually turn the items. Overall, it looks very professional and seems like a great use for everyday, whether formal or informal. Plus, the seconds meter at the bottom actually ticks, however, it doesn't actually sync itself with the actual second hand, but whatever. It looks awesome!
    Bottom line: if you want a an awesome looking watch for everyday purpose at a rather cheap price, go for this watch. I bought this for a fren's birthday but now I'm tempted to buy one for myself too!

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