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mechanical wrist watch Customers Reviews

  • Antique At A Glance

    posted by CwTham

    - Beautiful see through body.- Gold colour finishing is very shine.- Roman numeral even displaying 4 as IIII instead of IV.- Fully mechanical with manual winding.- Subtle mechanised ticking sound.- Comes with it's own packaging watch box instead of just plastic wrapper.- No loose parts.
    A cheaply priced watch that looked premium, comes with its own packaging box.
    I bought this out of whim as I have not been wearing any watch. It was a nice watch and it just works. Mechanical winding could last up to about a day to 2 days. So have to constantly remind myself to wind it. I guess that is the price to pay for using a full mechanical watch.
  • beautiful design

    posted by Zezza

    The size of the watch is ideal for use in various occasions.The watch is large and heavy.The adjustment of the wristband may be made by the user.In addition to automatic, you can wind the crown.Easy to adjust.The hands have good night vision feature by Phosphorescent.
    Good price range to increase my collection.
    The product met my expectations.
  • For the price, very interesting.

    posted by admacdo

    Visually interesting. Elegant looking, keeps the time, great for watching repetitive timekeeping mechanisms. You can see how much tension is in the coil spring.
    I bought this to see what sort of skeleton watch can be bought for this price. To tell the truth, I'm rather impressed. So was everyone else that I got to guess how much it was worth. It would be nicer if it was a little thinner, not saying that it's huge, but it would just look that little more svelt if it were even two millimeters thinner. I've given up adjusting the band and have gone with a simple nylon one.
    In these days of super fast communications and high tech computing, it's nice to have something which is totally mechanical and lets you appreciate that fact just by looking.
  • Good looking consumable

    posted by MartinDS

    - It looks really nice- it's accurate- well worth the money
    The build quality on the watch could be better, and you can't shower with it (if you do, you will quickly see conensation on the inside of the glass). However, it looks so nice, and is so cheap that it cancels out all the cons. I have only used the watch occasionally, but have been complimented by others nearly every time i use it. It really pops out, in a good way.
    Nice watch. If it breaks; buy a new one. You won't regret this purchase.
  • excellent product

    posted by koketa

    the watch is very well done, the materials used are very bright, is very light in weightOne advantage is that you can see inside the watch and see how it works, is very very very nicee
    the clock was going to be a graduation gift for my friend, but I loved it and decided to use it
    is an excellent watch at a great price, looks great, is very light, I'm sure you'll spend watching it at work.


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