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mechanical stainless steel watch

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mechanical stainless steel watch Customers Reviews

  • It was pleasant to my wife

    posted by gulinmick

    I have bought this watch per a gift to the wife. She liked the size of these watch. That all mechanism is well visible was pleasant. It was pleasant that the case and a thong metal.
    As a whole opinion good. Despite a long thong, accuracy of a course the good. For the woman - good acquisition.
    Long looked narrowly at this product, On a photo in and realities looks well. With purchase it is happy. I recommend to acquisition.
  • beautiful design

    posted by Zezza

    The size of the watch is ideal for use in various occasions.The watch is large and heavy.The adjustment of the wristband may be made by the user.In addition to automatic, you can wind the crown.Easy to adjust.The hands have good night vision feature by Phosphorescent.
    Good price range to increase my collection.
    The product met my expectations.
  • An excellent watch, but some quality control issues

    posted by dexshopper

    Stainless steel case and band are beautifully finished, and are of of excellent quality. Links are solid, rather than folded, and easily removed for adjustment. Movement is visible through display back. Crown screws down, and I regularly use mine while swimming with no ill effects.Easy to read white on black dial. Luminous hands, and markers at 1,2,4,5,7,8,10, & 11. Neon coloured second hand very easy to see.Cyclops magnifier on date.Well regarded st-16 movement fitted in my example. Quick-set date. Movement hacks and hand winds. Capable of good accuracy when adjusted correctly. Mine is -3s after 3 days :-)
    Purchase with "Case Opener Repair Tools with 6 Grooved Chucks for Rolex Watch" and enjoy practicing your watch repair skills with minimal financial risk. Otherwise factor in cost of service.I used a donut shaped eraser to remove the back. Do not use a rubber ball on display back models!An affordable alternative to a Rolex Milgauss without owning a fake.I would buy a similar watch with Rolex Explorer style face and hands if one were available.I would be happy to pay more for this watch if quality control (regulation) was better.
    Overall I am very happy with my purchase after adjusting it correctly. An attractive, rugged and accurate watch for every day wear.Potentially as good as cheaper Seikos, Orients, and Citizens, which lack hacking and/or hand wind. Sadly, let down by hit or miss quality control as expected in this price bracket.
  • For the price, very interesting.

    posted by admacdo

    Visually interesting. Elegant looking, keeps the time, great for watching repetitive timekeeping mechanisms. You can see how much tension is in the coil spring.
    I bought this to see what sort of skeleton watch can be bought for this price. To tell the truth, I'm rather impressed. So was everyone else that I got to guess how much it was worth. It would be nicer if it was a little thinner, not saying that it's huge, but it would just look that little more svelt if it were even two millimeters thinner. I've given up adjusting the band and have gone with a simple nylon one.
    In these days of super fast communications and high tech computing, it's nice to have something which is totally mechanical and lets you appreciate that fact just by looking.
  • Great product

    posted by ismaiil52

    The price is cheap for this watch, it's a good watch. it looks good. It's good for a gift. It looks expensive. It looks great and the price is right.Nice look, seems solid. Good quality for this kind of price.
    If there was an automatic version of this i would be great, but the price must be also good. It don't look cheap.
    I loved it it's a good product

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