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  • Great product for diy projects xD

    posted by baasbas48

    This pcb has a really simple layout, the first 4 pins are the horizontal traces, and the last 4 pint are the vertical traces. I re-soldered the header pins in the bottom of the board, and plugged in to my arduino, witch records and replays different 433mhz commands. Easy to put in an Arduino mega case (i think not sold on DX)
    The price makes it not an ideal choice for my use.When you confuse by the dumb layout, take a pencil and and some paper.
    great if you know what to use it for
  • Excellent Bluetooth radio!

    posted by Prepperandflash

    This an excellent product!
    --It's really cheap (3 to 4 times cheaper) if you compare it to other bluetooth radios sold on other sites
    --It comes with free shipping
    --already has the male pins attached, there is no need to solder or make a board for it.
    --you can plug it directly into your breadboard
    I still need to figure out to change the Bluetooth name.
    There are a lot of AT commands out there, and some people already started hacking the firmware.
    It's a excellent product if you want to take your electronics project to the next level. It's really easy to use with Arduino.
    I use my Android phone with the app 'Bluescripts' to control my arduino wirelessly.
  • Super product for Arduino

    posted by rainerradow

    I got it run within 15 minutes. Longest time was to solder the wires. The "Ethercard" library works without changes. This comes with good examples You will find it at https://github.com/jcw/ethercard. With it you can run a small webserver for example. If you have a DYNDNS and open the port 80 to your private network all your friend can look at it - fun!
    You can find a description of my setup on my private homepage at http://http://rainer.radow.org/arduino/radowino-ethercard-de.php
    Buy it and use it!
  • Works very well

    posted by slePP

    This is a very low cost module for what is on it. With all the buttons, dual colour LEDs and full 8 digit display, an awful lot of information can be conveyed. I used it for a ping time tracker, using the LEDs as a bar graph and the actual results on the LED digits.These can be chained to multiple units using the included cables.
    Buy a few, you'll find all sorts of little uses for them.
    Chaining three together to an Arduino makes for a nice little stock ticker.
  • Hard to Beat the price

    posted by PhealGPhone

    -VERY cheap-works out of the box (some chinese code preloaded)-The screen has a protector on it that you can remove, very good since it is send by air mail-no cheaper alternative that includes a screen AND a camera
    -Very good for the price, especially since you get what you see on the TFT screen right away without delay.
    I recommend this purchase, I will surely be buying this again.


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