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matte screen protector Customers Reviews

  • Cool screen guard for the one S

    posted by karangaba

    The pros include- it fits your phone perfectly- includes a blue scotch tape for easy application- comes with 2 protectors- cuts the glare(matte finish)- smooth to glide and touchFor applying the guard on your own- visit youtube and search the 'scotch tape' method
    This is my personal favorite screen guard for my phone. Comes in set of two so you have a replacement at hand when needed
    Quality matte finish, get yours now!
  • Nice and matte

    posted by GodHammer

    It a good matte screen protector. It helps reducing the glare and reflections.More protection for the screen is great even if it has Gorilla Glass :)The touch feedback is better if your finger is dry (see con) - the finger slides easier and better if your finger is dry.
    The film is great to protect your screen. The matte protection if great to eliminate reflections.... you no longer see yourself in the screen in a sunny day :)
    You must be careful when you put it on.Clear the screen very well and ensure there is no dust and no cats around :))If some small dust particles or small cat hair get under the film (from the air), pull it until you get to the dust or hair and remove it with a clean tweezers or a small screwdriver :). Put it back.
  • It serves its purpose~ But quality can be better.

    posted by nipneh

    It serves its purpose of protecting the iPod Nano screen well. It is relatively cheap and this is one of the one place to get iPod Nano 7 screen protectors. It is almost impossible to get iPod Nano 7 screen protectors in retail stores.
    It comes in a pack of 5~ though I only need 2. So it is kinda a waste of money?
    Overall, it is value for money as it is relatively cheap and serves its main purpose.
  • Good screen protector

    posted by djmaster329

    - Both front and back protectors included- Good quality protectors. Also thick enough to take lots of scratches
    I bought this product to make sure both the front and back of my brand new iPhone 5 are protected so I can use bumper cases. Unfortunately the back looks really ugly when installed.
    This is a great item if you plan on completely protecting the front and back of your iPhone 5. though the back will look really ugly when installed. If you don't care about the back and just want to protect your phone, this is the right choice. Else I would buy just a screen protector and get a transparent case instead.
  • Not bad product for that money

    posted by realsvoloch

    Not bad protector for cell screen, I use last week on my phone and can say its good. High protect screen from scratch. Screen little lost of the sensitivity but good work and that not problem for me.
    Good and quality packing. Very easy for using - open and lets go to use on your cell phone...
    Good product, I can recommend to my friends for their phones. I glad to use that. Great product for that price! Small, and it works it's job. I recommend it.

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