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matte screen protector 4s

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Every single matte screen protector 4s displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Browse the products from protective matte screen protector, or some other related Pages like ipod screen protector matte. With your support, we can do better.
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matte screen protector 4s Customers Reviews

  • Work like a charm!

    posted by JBigs

    -Price!! Amazing price, actually paying ho much they are worth rather than going to a store and paying 12 bucks for the same thing!-Comes with dust-removing cloth-Fits phone perfectly
    Very satisfied.
    Buy them! Buy a few so you can just put a new one on if you scratch them!
  • The best Matte protector

    posted by Lecsi

    This is the best matte screen protector you can buy for your iphone. It has the finnest cut. Every cut is in the right place. Also, the screen protector quality is very good. The color distortion is minimal. It also seems to be minor scraches resistant.
    I hope it does not leave sticky residue when i need to replace it in the future.
    Buy it right now. Dont need to be in doubt with other similar screen protectors. This is the right choice for best quality.
  • Same qualiy with expensive films

    posted by aliera

    Protective Matte Screen Protector Guard Film for iPhone 4S is really good with the price. The price makes it a really affordable film and the quality is really high for a 2 dollar film.
    IF you would like to protect your iphone 4S or 4 ( i guess this would also work for iPhone4), you should purchase this screen protecter. And the matte makes it look cool.
    Really affordable and really quality screen protecter.
  • Great!

    posted by ahjo79

    Excellent quality protector and very, very easy application. Did come a little bent in the mail and ended up with a small crease on the side that doesn't affect the display though.
    Excellent protector for iphone 4s screen, fits perfect and it´s very easy to install, just one recommendation: the surface of the screen should be perfectly clean, only a tiny dust particle left an air bubble between the screen and protector
    5 stars, fits just fine, really easy to glue, excellent quality, would buy again. thank you,
  • Great..

    posted by alex1907

    one word to say , Great !!.. don't miss it guys. i ordered 3packages from that product.. simply to use and its usefulness and great quality.. I really satisfied from this product..
    do not miss it guys. you guys will not be mad , sad or unhappy!! go girls , lets make sold out it this product :)
    liked it.. but may be they can make prices little bit lower.. like 1.30 or 1.20$ it would be awesome and then it will be sold out !!!!!

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