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matte screen guard

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase matte screen guard here and you can save money at the same time. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Browse nokia screen guard or screen guard pack to find what you are looking for. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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matte screen guard Customers Reviews

  • A great protection for your machine

    posted by LeandroBruns

    - Protects your gadget well screen from scratches intensity of small / medium.- We have two in the same package, you have another chance if wrong place.- The cutting apparatus manufacturing respect.- It is anti-static, and leaves no glue on the screen after use.- Facilitates cleaning applied in the apparatus- It's bright, which can be good or bad, it's good for me.
    It would be interesting foil to protect the whole phone, but on this function, nothing more to add
    I believe it is one of the best option for DX films of this model. Very cheap and great quality. Do not hesitate to buy, and I am pleased to point out that all my friends who have this and other apparatus. Thanks DX, because in my town meeting first film for 3x the price of the package with 2.
  • your basic screen cover.

    posted by welchd

    the screen protector is like, most others out there, it covers the screen with a matte gloss, to prevent scratches, dust, damage or whatever else you want to protect the screen from. Its nice and sticky and is pretty easy to put on, just make sure you clean the screen of well of any dust. or you will have bubbles. pros'its cheap,its thick,it has a nice even matte finish,and is relatively easy to put on
    its probably the same one that is 30 bucks at your best buy.
    buy it if you need it, i
  • best protector ever..!

    posted by chinocheng

    well it was a nice touch..easy to installdurable.. i have mine placed in my iphone since 09/2012 and it looks as new as in the first day..
    cheap durable easy to install, and has a nice touch.what more do you want.?
    a must buy..!defently a must have on any iphone ipad ipod touch, since there are protectors like this for any idevice..
  • Cheap and high quality protectors

    posted by XynyX

    - easy to apply on your cell phone due to plastic lips and instructions to apply onto your cell phone.- high quality material.- doesn't blur the screen when sunlight is on it.- price is very good.- has good lifetime per screenprotector.
    cheaper, would allways be nice, but this item is still 15 to 20 times cheaper per piece then any store in europe.
    Cheap & great way to protect your screen from scratces and even liquids. Money well spend ;-)buying this set of 5 pieces should help protection your cell phone until it is broken
  • Great screen guard

    posted by Slinkered

    - perfect fit. All the screen protectors have the right size, if correct applied you can not see that is something on the screen.- quality. Using the smartphone become smothier since the finger slides without any problems.- price. Of course, each protector costs less than a dollar each, and is always good have some spare protectors in case of scratches.
    Great packaging, and each one comes with a cleaning cloth.
    A must have, since the screen protector that comes from fabric scratches really easily.

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