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mario dolls Customers Reviews

  • Weegee!

    posted by Marcutyo

    - It's an enourmous Luigi hat
    - You can wear it
    - Very good materials
    - Original labels
    - Perfect colors
    - You can take great pictures using it with SKU.7428!
    - È un cappello enorme di Luigi
    - Si può indossare
    - Si può usare come cuscino
    - Materiali ottimi
    - Eitchette originali
    - Colori perfetti
    - Abbinandolo allo SKU.7428 puoi fare delle foto grandiose!
    I had a lot of fun taking pictures with this SKU!
    Mi sono divertito un sacco a fare delle foto con questo oggetto!
    Mario Fans, but expecially Luigi's, this is the right moment to show to the others something special!
    Fan di Mario, ma specialmente Luigi, questo è il momento buono per mostrare ad altri qualcosa di speciale!
  • AWESOME present!

    posted by fenemy

    it's awesome!
    I got a red mushroom head and i bought it as a present for my mum, as she likes these mushroom heads from super mario!
    It's cheap and my mum LOVED it!
    the quality is really good, i can't find any mistakes in the sewing!
    It makes an awesome gift to a mother, friend, etc. It makes an awesome gift for everyone ^^
    if you don't know what to buy as a present and you're friend knows super mario, go buy it! they'll love it!
    Definitly buy it!
    Buy more at once because you'll get it cheaper and you'll have presents for more persons :D
  • Goomba Doll

    posted by Kupo26

    This " Super Mario Bad Evil Mushroom Figure Doll ", a Goomba in reality, is an absolutely perfect plush, being aesthetically beautiful and having an amazing build quality.
    The price is an absolute steal as well, if I didn't have a limit I would've bulkrated these things.
    If you want the hat removed, you can always take out the threads. It seems simple enough, but I don't see why you would want the hat off.
    This is an absolutely wonderful gift that is of great build quality.
    I want to buy more.
  • Little Yoshi

    posted by gothicspiderman

    Yoshi is very soft. He is very well made. He is small which I like, he does not take up much space. He is green, just like the original Yoshi. His little tongue doesn't move, but that's okay I love him anyway.
    I love my Yoshi. It brings back wonderful memories of my childhood. Yoshi was a great video game. He is an adorable little plushy and unless you were to give him to a rabid racoon on Ecstasy I expect him to hold up for a long time.
    Yoshi is the perfect keepsake that I cannot wait to share with my kids.
  • Good small figures

    posted by ricardomf

    Good for display over pc table (or old CRT monitor lol).Also great gift for fans.
    Would buy again with different figures.
    Great product for its price and a must-have for fans.

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