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  • bought as a birthday gift.

    posted by paulams

    I loved this kit when I saw it. I searched all over the internet seeking for a good birthday gift to my boyfriend, and everything like this I found was expensive, but then I fund this one, with a VERY GOOD PRICE. In the bargain, it's a good decorative piece to the bathroom.
    The kit is still in the box, so I don't have sure if the shaving brush is soft or not.
    It's a good kit. I recommend.
  • So inexpensive, and very useful.

    posted by Mvn7705

    It so inexpensive that you can get some of it, and get rid of the other expensive brands of razors. With this puppy you can get an additional package of gens and get a supply of excellent razors extremely sharp for long.
    Get a couple of them, and forget to ever pay for those expensive brands.
    Easy to clean. My advice is to cleaning it trough, the dry it and put a drip of oil of hair clippers on the blade that will extend the life of the blade and then rinse before use. Long live to the blade.
  • Excellent little kit

    posted by th33n00b

    I love the holder and the bowl. The bowl is pretty standard durable plastic. Feels strong. The holder is metal. The brush was excellent when it first came. I've only used this razor once since I purchased SKU 116281 at the same time
    It's simple. It looks classy in my bathroom.
    I'd buy it again. For the price is was an excellent purchase as with many things at DX. I wish the holder would work with other razors, but you can't have everything, right?
  • WOW!

    posted by WKHII

    Better shaves than with my Merkur 34CBetter shaves than with my Merkur ProgressBetter shaves than with my Edwin Jagger DE89No nicks, razor burn, razor bumps or ingrown hairs
    Smoother, milder, and more comfortable shaves than with any razor I have owned. In fact, barbers' straight razor shaves are more irritating. I get the satisfying experience of a spa treatment every morning with this fine instrument.
    Use a badger brush, premium shave cream, the blade of your choice, a scuttle for warming lather, passes utilizing a light touch with the Rimei A2002 razor, and you can look forward to the daily pleasure of shaving. A high-end safety razor at about one-tenth the price.
  • A formidable shaving machine for its prize

    posted by Hawat81

    This shaving razor has an excellent quaility-price ratio. Used with a decent blade, it provides an excellent and smooth shaving. Very useful for classic daily shaving. Not perfect, but very decent finishing. 100% metallc. It's beautiful and comes with a useful small plastic case, which can be of use when travelling..
    It's an excellent option for starting with classic shaving. Nothing to do with plasic models that can be found even at higer pricing. Bought a second one for backup.
    If you're thinking about buyng it, don't think more: for it's price you can't be wrong.

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