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The perfect manual folding knife here to meet all your needs. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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manual folding knife Customers Reviews

  • Sharp one

    posted by IBFS1

    Had to order this one out of curiosity - and first impressions look good. . . .Knife is surprisingly light weighted. Smaller than espected, handy.Blade closes and opens easily. Nicely machined blade.Out of box sharp. Surprisingly sharp. Can cut one's armhair. I'd give 6 points for blade.
    Did I say enough clear it' sharp - it is. ...You do spend time looking at the dark gray blade and the fine machined shapes of it. And I'm not even knife enthusiast. . . .Look at sku.1151. It's a flashlight holster but these holster and knife fit each other quite well what becomes to size.. . .It's too sharp a knife to open in one's pocket - damage is certain.. . .Perhaps even a bit too decorative - ok it looks good.
    It's is a sharp ceramic folding knife out of box. If it had more solid handle and blade fixing and no minor flaws in hadle part finish this would be a 5 star product for this price.Usable for - well - find out yourself if you want to use a ceramic knife.
  • Great little knife for the money!

    posted by RCode

    Great little knife to carry around everyday. I've carried it around once or twice a week for 2 years, and the finish is still like new. Obviously you have to take care of it, but with little care, it'll last for a long time.
    I've got a Benchmade knife I usually carry around, and this is no Benchmade, but it does the job.
    I would buy it again, and great for a gift. Everyone always asks where I got it, and I always tell them here. :)
  • Beautiful product!!

    posted by Sylvester

    This knife arrived in 10 days after I placed an order for it.
    A truly beautiful product. Weighs 166 gms. Heavy but well balanced. There were a few short scratch marks on the metal parts, but not really visibly obvious unless view from an angle. The wood trim is not shiny, but is sufficiently polished to give it an expensive look. The blade is 8.5 cm long, with a blunted tip. Opening is easy as there is a finger groove at the top of the blade. The colour of the blade is ivory white, and takes some time getting used to a 'white blade'.The knife takes on a streamline appreance with a gentle curve at the top from handle to blade tip. The cutting edge is very sharp. Closing the knife is also effortless. The restraining metal part is easily pushed with the thumb of your left hand, while your right hand closes the blade. The three small holes at the base of the handle makes it possible to attach a metal ring or land yard.
    I have no regrets ordering this beautiful knife. A little expensive considering that many ceramic bladed knives can be purchased at almost half this price. But they don't look as good! Would have like if the price came with some kind of soft cover or case.
    If you want a well made, well balanced knife, for cutting fruits and other edibles taken raw, this is deal since there will not be the smell of 'metal', from some metal blades. More over, you are assured that rust will not be a problem. It will also certainly be an interesting talking point when others see you using a 'white bladed' knife.
  • nice quality knife.

    posted by rcaor

    It's a very nice knife, it came sharp and the locking mechanism is superb. The knife came with a little sleeve. It's a classic design so it fits very well in your hands.
    Not for beginners. This is a long knife and it tends to snap back if you are not careful (good bye finger tips). Still it locks very well and is fluid. just be careful and this knife will last you a long time.
    Buy it, I wish i had a second one to gift away.
  • Simply useful

    posted by sianegad

    Sharp, well built. It feels solid and prety much indestructible (its all steel) Elegant design with torx screw so it can be taken apart for maintenance. It pretty small yet not too small, will fit nicely in pockets and the clip seem solid, its metal too.
    The release latch is sturdy, since it is part tongue spliting from the handle, no spring that can break or weaken
    One hand opening pin on the blade for right AND left hands
    Don't go bear hunting with this knife, its a nice size for everyday use without risking scaring the neighborhood
    Quite nice little pocket knife for a fair price. Not deal of the century, but i havent found an equivalent design


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