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male wire Customers Reviews

  • Excellent Product

    posted by GabrielMini

    Excellent product, the cables are well placed, the size is great, and great quality. I recommend!
    Great for arduino projects, in this case bought for a 3d printer, was very useful for connecting stepper motors to RAMPs. if the size does not work, you can connect to one another and get a bigger one.
    Recommend projects for arduino or 3d printer (where I used to connect the stepper motors)
  • Very good connectors

    posted by prOOwner89

    Basicly the same as with the review of the female connectors:-good quality-nicely built-easy to solder cables-nice color- connection from cable to connector is very good (not only connected by solder points but also by plastic surrounding).
    i used this in my car and because of vibrations the male and female connectors would let go of eachother, if you use this in your house or something you wouldn't have any problem with it
    get it if you are looking to make your led strips plug and play
  • They work really well for digital audio

    posted by figueiredops

    These cables are not top quality, I mean, the gold coating is thin, but they have excellent performance. I used them extensively with different audio sources and they did not fail once. I do recommend this product to people who need a good audio cable but don't want to spend a lot of money in it.
    My Sony PS3 doesn't have a coaxial output, so I had to use these optical cables instead. The result is really fine, the sound quality is amazing on my receiver and high end speakers.
    If you need optical, please buy these ones without thinking too much. They really work.
  • very usefull adaptor to prevent resouldering plugs

    posted by maiki12

    Hassle free adaptor to be used when you have tamiya plug escs and deans plug batteriesUsefull to prevent resouldering plugs. Thus preventing it from possible mistake on souldering.Great for those who dont know how to soulderUsefull in a situation where your esc is tamiya plug. And you want to borrow battery but his battery is drans plug. You can use this adaptor
    Try making plug adaptors that are directly connected example. Tamiya plug then a very short cable then deans so there wont be dangling cables that might hit and rotating part inside the rc
    Must have atleast one.
  • Higher than expected quality

    posted by poeticoddity

    The construction quality was much higher than I expected for the price and I was impressed with the uniformity of the connectors. The connectors fit the standard DIP pitch, but where these really shine is when you can snugly fit them into an SIL connector for a break-out board you want to prototype with. These made hooking up a bluetooth module or an ultrasonic sensor to an Arduino a snap.The wires come connected together which makes it easy to parse off sets if you want them to be a little more manageable.
    These are much more kid-friendly than a lot of prototype wiring options.
    I'll probably buy more of these when I need them. I've been quite impressed at the construction quality and ease of use.

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