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male vga cable

You can easily find the latest low priced male vga cable offered at our online shop. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Find more popular products from mini vga cable, 5m vga cable. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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male vga cable Customers Reviews

  • Works like a charm

    posted by TriNitroTolueen

    It work perfectly.Plug and play: I used it to plug an old VGA screen as a second display in a nVidia Quadro 600I didn't have to restart or anything, just plug in the screen and it automatically start working.The adapter has a shinny plastic casing which looks very nice, the glossy part is wrapped in a plastic so it isn't scratched when it arrives
    The adapter comes in a brown envelope (like all small dx products). But this one was packaged in a sealed plastic bag as well.
    Very good price for a very good product.It works as advertised and doesn't feel too cheap.
  • Better than expected

    posted by dragomang87

    - really good build quality: strong spring mechanism, thick cable- came with plastic connector cover- because of the construction, the cables can't twist each other (like other small retractable cables)
    It's big, like the palm of a hand, and heavy.Not really transportable in a pocket
    When i got it i understood why it was so expensive (for a cable) and i ended up being really satisfied of my purchase
  • Fine Chocolate drink in dented glass

    posted by fasui

    I loved my purchase from the first touch. It looked as promised and did the expected function without any difficulty.
    I believe that the manufacturer of the unit would be able to supply some kind of a brochure about the item to be attached on shipping.It worth trying !
    Fine working unit!!!Invest some effort on presentation!
  • very good device

    posted by doublem1

    The adapter is built with very good material, with white color. It has extra 3.5mm audio output to deliver the sound to an external speakers or audio amplifier. The adapter needs power to work correctly so it is equipped with power source female plug so the phone charger can be used to both charge the phone battery and power the adapter. The final output video is very good with no interference and as the same resolution and quality as it is on the main screen.
    Good practice where you need to display your smartphone on large external screen or projectors. Easy to install and use.
  • Good and easy to use product

    posted by vani172

    Everything worked just out of the box. I had no difficulties installing the cable and the display was working perfectly just like it was when using the original VGA cable. There was also no flickering or any other kind of problems. When I ordered the product I imagined that it would heat up a little bit while being used but that does not happen either, so I was pleasently supprised.
    The resolution I am using is 1366x768. I also tested eyefinity and it worked like a charm with only one digital and two analog displays.
    Great product. I strongly recommend it. The price wasn't that bad either. In my country the price of this cable(if I even manage to find anything similar) starts from about 60$.

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