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The male to rca your looking for is one of our top sellers. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Find more popular products from 2 rca male, 5 male rca. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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male to rca Customers Reviews

  • This kept me from doing some soldering

    posted by fjlima

    Just plug and play, the jacks have great quality and are sold within reasonable five pack price.
    Ideal to those who want to use their owned RCA audio cables, this kept me from doing some cut and soldering.The cost of this adaptor is about the double of the jacks to solder and have the advantage of beeing gold plated.
    Just plug and it rocks!
  • cabel works perfect

    posted by oomtijger

    The cable is exelent quality especially if you look to the price of the cable. folded it does not take much space because of the construction of the cable (flat, 3 wires next to each other), but when in use it is long enough to connect the DVD and the TV.
    for our usage it would be handy if ther where a better clip to store the cable folded. But this will increase the price and the price is just one of the good things of this product.
    We are going to use the cable to connect our car-dvd to TV screens at the holiday location. This cable is ideal for this purpose.
  • Great product at a good price

    posted by Paespedro

    Received my package some days ago, I needed those to use in my wall LED TV (with my Nintendo Wii) and it works perfectly. The TV is perfectly aligned now and I'm not forcing my cable plugs anymore. The price for 5 items is a great deal.The gold present in the connections is huge plus because it allows you to get less interference and a better signal quality
    I suggest to you to buy at least 2 packages with 5 each... Considering that your TV has 5 super video (or Video Component) RCA plugs and another 3 for Super Vídeo.
  • Good cable!

    posted by ooddss

    Very fast delivery from DX this time!The cable is of an verry good quality!RCA connectors are verry Solid, and they deliver a great sound quality! A lower bass then other cables. I use it on my Denon PMA-980 to my Denon DCD 1290. And the sound quality is good!
    One connector was a litle bit loose, but thats very simple to fix, just turn tight.
    Price/quality is good! I hope that the cable will be cheaper in the future, then i'll buy a few more!
  • The best item offered of it class

    posted by G4ever

    The scart has the highest quality found in the market. Gold contacts and a solid and well-thinked case that make it durable. The price is very small comparing with the one in the local stores of Spain, where is hard to find it.
    I use it for transfering my old VHS films to .avi files, from a VCR that just have scart conection and audio and video but only input. With this item you just plug in the audio and video wires, set the conector to output and conect to the graphic card of your computer (it has to be capable to record video and audio, and its not so common) and with a programme (Easy TV on my case) the work is just easy and the result is really cheap and fast.
    Really usefull and best quality

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