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If you want to purchase male to male 3m, this is your best place to buy it. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. 2.5mm male to male or xlr male to male may offer more options for you. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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male to male 3m Customers Reviews

  • awesome cable

    posted by yeahbaby

    this cable ist really awesome, it works fine on my 94 inch tv from my pc I watch movies there all time and it never caused any problems, it looks very high quality because its gold plated and with a cool skin
    that thing is great in my hometown I would pay for such thing over 50€ and more its just redicilous what it is really worth
    buy it, you wont be unlucky with this cableI am very happy with this and it still works fine
  • high-quality for a decent price

    posted by dezindzer

    The two separate cables can get handy. If you sometimes need a longer and sometimes a shorter cable, this one is for you.The build quality is great. Works with PC and a phone or any other device that supports the 3.5 mm jack.
    Sound is great, almost no difference to my gold plated cable.
    It works great and it works for the purpose that is supposed to !! You are getting what you are paying for ... It has a good build quality, and the sound is great ! ! !
  • solid - good product

    posted by Joflixen

    Solid cable constructionDoes what it says on the box - full 1080p signal.Excellent for keeping in the laptop bag.Plugs are diecast aluminum or some alloy - very sturdy.
    If I had to pick the cable is rather stiff, which can pull on the HDMI connector if not adequately observed.Keep rolled to save space and to reduce damage to cable.
    Good multimedia lead, worth having a spare like this on hand.Maybe good for installation work?
  • Save space, buy the right cable!

    posted by Kangerm00se

    Very decent build quality for this price.
    Normally when you want to connect your computer with DVI-outputs to a television you require a DVI to HDMI adapter, and a HDMI cable. This has however some disadvantages: you need a lot of space behind the computer, and it's also easy to damage the DVI to HDMI adapter, the cable, or even worse: the video card of the computer due to accidentally hitting this very long extension. With a DVI to HDMI cable you avoid this problem.
    My local shop asks at least three times as much for the same cable!
  • Great HDMI

    posted by egararg

    Its pretty cheap, good quality, works fine, like a good HDMI male to male must! 3 meters, perfect lenght to do what you want to do, fine colors, good plugs, a really good job, if you ask me!
    I think its a good cable, it got 3 metters, so you can expnd it pretty well, works just fine!
    I think its a pretty cool HDMI to HDMI male to male, its perfect for everything, my PS3, to plug the PC to the LED tv, or other stuff that needs an HDMI cable! You wont regret it!

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