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The male to female your looking for is one of our top sellers. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. male to female converter, iphone female to male may be more suitable for you. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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  • So far So Good

    posted by xlordecstasyx

    It let me use my new sony headphones with integrated controls and mic on my old sony ericsson phone. So i dont need to buy an old pair of sony ericsson hands free or headset.It size is perfect, and it has no cable like the original sony cable.Decent Build quality
    So far so good, for the prince is what i was looking for.I recommend this for OMTP - CTIA conversion.This is a pic of what it does:http://www.simplecom.com.au/ebay/omtpvsctia.jpg
    Great deal. perfect price, really useful,
  • Very good and cheap product

    posted by marinalinda1615

    good product, firm and good material made ??of quality, fits well in mobile in general and is not mobile, is being fixedfor not having wire, consider it safer, just having to take care in handling
    improving the announcement and put the dimensions of that would be a good idea
    good product, will buy moremaybe if we bought in larger lots the discount is increasing because of cents difference does not compensate
  • Excellent quality cords

    posted by carbafx

    Good qualityIt has a good looking into my gamer cabinet with blue leds (bought it for that porpuse)The hook at the SATA cable that fits on the Mother Board works pretty good.You can not confuse the way the cords plug into the devices. It just goes in one way.
    It works for me like a charm.
    Good material. It is easy to plug and avoids pluggin to many times cords into devices on the computer. In one try you plugged two cords, Awesome!
  • Good connector with wire

    posted by vmendelis

    Not much to say here a good connector.Bought it for my airsoft rifle battery connections as it was stated that the battery I was buying SKU 24222 did not have connector. I later found out that they actually do so these were not needed. Will use them in future projects though.
    A good electronic connector for your weekend projects . Nothing special about it but the connection is solid and should provide good contact .
  • Advisable

    posted by adriancostoya

    This product is not as cheap for the functionality it provides, but it is when you need it. The SCART connector is not great quality, but the other is quality in whole acceptable.
    Be careful this adapter is IN, ie to enter the computer signal so that the signal does not come out of this. That is, if you try to use it to output the signal will not work. be careful.
    It is useful when you need it.

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