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male to female extension cable

The perfect male to female extension cable here to meet all your needs. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. male to female extension cable 5m and male to female usb cable are the hottest keywords that customer use. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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male to female extension cable Customers Reviews

  • The cable is executed with high quality.

    posted by Istal

    USB 2.0 Male to Female Extension Cable - Blue (500cm) the cable ordered for this purpose works. I was glad to receive qualitative goods. Length of a cable of 5 m but thus isn't reflected in quality of information transfer.
    Quality and length of a cable allow to use in the various purposes from connection of the keyboard before connection of the modem.
    If order I guarantee you won't regret. I personally use it for connection of the keyboard.
  • Solved my problem

    posted by CarlosLint

    - Somewhat cheap- Impossible to find at local shops here- The cable is not terribly thin- It's 24 pins (20 pins would be useless)- It's sure that 30cm will fit and exceed your need.
    I would pay the same for a shorter length cord, as long as the cable is at least the same thickness of this.
    My problem was that my motherboard had its ATX connector way too far from the power supply, so it was solved.But had I wanted to take the power supply out of the cabinet for any reason I would be unable due to the lack of ATX4 and ATX6 extensions.
  • A great product

    posted by giovanifreitas

    A product of excellent quality, really helped me to connect my camera and my computer in a long distance. I connect my camera to the computer and firing it remotely, images instantanemento comes without any locking. And obviously be USB may be useful in several cases. I tested with other devices and also worked perfectly.
    If you need a cable to connect the long distance'm not afraid to buy this!
    If you need a cable to connect the long distance'm not afraid to buy this!
  • Works well for self-powered devices

    posted by Malvineous

    Can be connected together to extend USB cables long distances. I successfully connected four of them together to create a 20 metre cable and had USB 2.0 devices working at full speed on the far end.
    The device appears to the PC as a four port hub, with the downstream USB port connected to the hub's fourth port. The first three ports on the hub are obviously inaccessible, but it is interesting that the "signal amplification" is simply a standard four port hub with a built in five-metre cable.
    If you can find an actual four port hub with a five-metre cable for the same price then that will work exactly the same and give you more functionality, but at least with this device you are more or less guaranteed it will work correctly at the five metre distance. I previously purchased five-metre USB2.0 passive cables and connected them to downstream hubs (so they appeared to the PC exactly as this cable does), but those cables ended up being of low quality and the downstream devices disconnect regularly. Hopefully this cable will fix that!
  • Verry useful , i use it for extension for my tablet or telephone.

    posted by tim139

    Very useful , i use it for extension for my tablet or telephone charging cable when they are charging. I take it with me in the car too for charging phones ore tablets on long rides .
    great buy. i will order more for my family and friends in the future. They watched me work with it and they want one too.
    i can recommend it to everyone. Easy to use, makes it very easy to charge your phone/tablet while you are using them.

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