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You can find fashionable male to female cable at a low price. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. You can also browse hdmi male to female cable and male to female audio cable. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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male to female cable Customers Reviews

  • Excellent for the price

    posted by VFRBoy

    It is well madeIt works exactly as requiredSturdy device constructionCable ends are well connected
    I use it to charge a bike light from the USB port on my laptop and it works perfectly for that function.I have not tested other functions such as USB modem using this but I cannot see a problem.The review requirement of 500 characters makes it difficult to submit a review which just needs brief and succinct feedback. This is not a plasma fusion device it is a USB extension cable. Limited function comparatively but the same standard for review being applied
    Great value solid construction worth every cent. Does just what it is meant to without disappointing.
  • Works like a charm

    posted by TriNitroTolueen

    It work perfectly.Plug and play: I used it to plug an old VGA screen as a second display in a nVidia Quadro 600I didn't have to restart or anything, just plug in the screen and it automatically start working.The adapter has a shinny plastic casing which looks very nice, the glossy part is wrapped in a plastic so it isn't scratched when it arrives
    The adapter comes in a brown envelope (like all small dx products). But this one was packaged in a sealed plastic bag as well.
    Very good price for a very good product.It works as advertised and doesn't feel too cheap.
  • MicroUSB extention cable almost works

    posted by Zeke.Frazer

    Works well as a USB data and power extension cable for microUSB connections.
    For the price, it's still a good cable to have, but pity USB OTG doesn't appear to work when tested on a Sony XPERIA S [6.1.A.2.55]
    Cable supports USB data and power, but doesn't appear to support USB OTG.
  • Works well for self-powered devices

    posted by Malvineous

    Can be connected together to extend USB cables long distances. I successfully connected four of them together to create a 20 metre cable and had USB 2.0 devices working at full speed on the far end.
    The device appears to the PC as a four port hub, with the downstream USB port connected to the hub's fourth port. The first three ports on the hub are obviously inaccessible, but it is interesting that the "signal amplification" is simply a standard four port hub with a built in five-metre cable.
    If you can find an actual four port hub with a five-metre cable for the same price then that will work exactly the same and give you more functionality, but at least with this device you are more or less guaranteed it will work correctly at the five metre distance. I previously purchased five-metre USB2.0 passive cables and connected them to downstream hubs (so they appeared to the PC exactly as this cable does), but those cables ended up being of low quality and the downstream devices disconnect regularly. Hopefully this cable will fix that!
  • Good thing to buy

    posted by WizardLion

    It looks good and strong! The metal jack heads and splitting place feels nice and looks beautiful. I
    I waited for it almost two months. That't a little bit too much if you live in Europe. The packing was good.Not exactly what I wanted but good gadget. The title says it splits stereo to mono but it splits stereo to stereo.
    Buy it if you need to share your music with your friend.

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