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male to dual audio Customers Reviews

  • Dual Female Mono Audio Split

    posted by amsigtr

    I need those Dual Female Mono Audio Split to hear music with my friends my family, my brothers.
    awesome tools with that pereple color , i had problem with my friend enny who love them and want me to give them to him , unfortunately i was in the mood and i gave it to him for one condition that hi give me his favorite plastion game lol , just kidding
    good product , and i hope to use it and bay some other for my best friends.
  • Good thing to buy

    posted by WizardLion

    It looks good and strong! The metal jack heads and splitting place feels nice and looks beautiful. I
    I waited for it almost two months. That't a little bit too much if you live in Europe. The packing was good.Not exactly what I wanted but good gadget. The title says it splits stereo to mono but it splits stereo to stereo.
    Buy it if you need to share your music with your friend.
  • Best splitter I ever had.

    posted by SiLencer007

    Let's you plug 2 earphones to the same audio device with no audio quality lose.Easy to carry around.One of the smallest splitters I had so far,which in my opinion is a crucial.
    I carry mine in the earphone carry case,always good to have it with you.
    Buy it,it's definitely a must..especially if you want to share music with friends without having to give up on the other bud.
  • works great

    posted by jucko13

    This product works just how it's supposed to work. I use this for my Razor Electra Gaming headphones. It has a 4-pole 3.5mm jack connector where the mic and audio is connected to. this product splits it into 2 separate connections: audio and mic. i needed this because my desktop pc does not supports a 4-pole 3.5mm jack.
    relatively cheap and if i needed more of these i would definitely buy them again.
    Great Product!!
  • Just what I was looking for!

    posted by Aritomo

    -Excellent sound quality (with the equipment I have, I couldn't notice any certain difference between headphones, connected directly to laptop and through this splitter. The only thing is that once 2 sets of headphones are connected, the volume level drops a bit - but I don't htinl it's possible to make it any other way)
    -Both resulting channels are stereo! (I expected it to work the old-fashioned way of splitting one stereo channel into two mono and was pleasantly surprised)
    -Looks expensive (even has a Philips print on it)
    Theoretically, since it splits the outgoing audio evenly, sending both channels on each terminal, that might mean, that if used for recording, both channels will be mixed so that each of the two mono channels of one stereo input will contain the sound of both sources. That is not that good for recording, but is ideal for live performances (i.e. having a live webcast of a guitar and voice - you won't have voice panned one way and the guitar another). However, I haven't been able to confirm that yet.
    One of the best buys I've had so far. This thingie should be in everyone's bunch of audiocables

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