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male to dual audio Customers Reviews

  • Cool for friends

    posted by peyo007

    Does what it is supposed to do, you can listen with 2 earphones!
    Good build quality and it fits well!
    You will enjoy this, it is really good
    I'm sure you will take this more often than you were thinking.
    Cool for girlfriend to listen music with friends or for watching movies with friends while your parents or coloc!
    I like it, it is so useful!
    Maybe everybody should own it!
    It has a good build quality and it is really cheaper than in local shops!
  • Just what I was looking for!

    posted by Aritomo

    -Excellent sound quality (with the equipment I have, I couldn't notice any certain difference between headphones, connected directly to laptop and through this splitter. The only thing is that once 2 sets of headphones are connected, the volume level drops a bit - but I don't htinl it's possible to make it any other way)
    -Both resulting channels are stereo! (I expected it to work the old-fashioned way of splitting one stereo channel into two mono and was pleasantly surprised)
    -Looks expensive (even has a Philips print on it)
    Theoretically, since it splits the outgoing audio evenly, sending both channels on each terminal, that might mean, that if used for recording, both channels will be mixed so that each of the two mono channels of one stereo input will contain the sound of both sources. That is not that good for recording, but is ideal for live performances (i.e. having a live webcast of a guitar and voice - you won't have voice panned one way and the guitar another). However, I haven't been able to confirm that yet.
    One of the best buys I've had so far. This thingie should be in everyone's bunch of audiocables
  • It's just a regular headphone doubler

    posted by ShadowBrujah

    It's well constructed, metal connectors and strong flat wires. It's look very nice and it's really 4-pole inputs and outputs.
    I bought this split cable thinking in connect a external microphone on one of the ends, and a headphone on the other end. But it's just a regular output doubler... You can connect two 4-pole headsets using this splitter and it'll work exactly the same way you connect one of there headsets directly to the smarphone audio output jack.
    If you're looking for a way to connect a external microphone to the smartphone, you shoud use this splitter together with the microphone of SKU 225531... A microphone made for this specific use.If you plug this microphone directly to the Smartphone output jack, you'll not be able to connect a headset, so this splitter solves this problem.
  • It has long sought

    posted by Burtelon2

    I've always used compact divisors many noises were produced besides other connectors plugging the computer or stereo.Besides elegant and beautiful.This solution is great, I'm very happy.
    You have to tighten the connector until you hear a "clack" from the time the sound is just perfect.Recomended
    Surely repeat purchases to other devices in my home who need this solution.Recommended by 100% is a very useful gift.
  • Perfect Cables - small and neat

    posted by aadil33

    The cable is small and light weight, flexible, seems to be relatively durable. the quality of cables is average,the sound quality on both the mic and speaker split is perfect and flawless
    Its cheap, very useful, if you have a headphone with built in mic or phone headset and want to use it on PC for video calling or for gaming etc. This cable will help you ALOT
    If you ever had the need to use a microphone head phone set which had all the signals on one jack, then this splitter is what you need.


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