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Every single male power adapter displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. If you want to find more male power adapter related products, you can find them by browsing hp power adapter, travel power adapter. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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male power adapter Customers Reviews

  • Perfect for HP laptop

    posted by CanadaCG

    Perfect fit for an HP laptop. Allows generic laptop power supplies to be used with an HP laptop. The build quality is excellent - every bit as good as factory original connectors. Very reliable and durable.
    I move my laptop to several diferent locations and have purchased after-market power packs (WAY less expensive than factory originals) to leave at each location - but they didn't have a genuine HP connector so I was unable to conect them to my HP. These little adapters connect to the generic power packs and now allow them to work with my laptop.
    If you have an HP that needs this type of connector - then get one (or many, as I did) and you can use generic after-market power packs with your HP!
  • For powering IDE devices with SATA power

    posted by ntsag2012

    Good quality and price! Very simpe in it's use.Very usefull for using IDE hdd's on newer systems. Very Satisfied!
    Also usefull for combining with the molex 6-pin power connectors used on high-end GPU's (Most psu's don't have built-in power connectors)
    Good quality, good price, easy to use, happy!
  • Works as expected

    posted by corvato

    - Supports 3.3V and 5V 1.8'' microSATA drives- easy to install and use
    Be careful choosing this adapter, it fits only microSATA HDD/SSD drives, IT DOES NOT fit miniPCI-express, miniSATA or whatever else there is.microSATA is a smaller version of SATA connector for 1.8'' drives used in some ultra portable laptops/tablets. These drives can be designed to use 5V DC power input or 3.3V - this adapter fits both types. It apparently has internal voltage regulator which provides 3.3v input even if the SATA cable itself doesn't.
    Adapter fits my toshiba hdd1f15 1.8'' 3.3v HDD and the drive seems to run OK. Good price for the useful product. I only hope it won't break too soon.
  • Perfect for circuit projects

    posted by GreenTechNetwor

    They each came packaged in small bags in pairs. Overall they have pretty good build quality and have a solid feel. They're perfect for any circuit projects that involve DC power jacks. They fit together snugly, and also fit DC power jacks I've used perfectly.
    If you're studying electrical engineering, or you enjoy messing around with circuit projects, these are a must have. They're perfect for running DC voltage from a power brick into your circuit without cutting and stripping the wires.
  • The perfect solution to trick a Dell computer

    posted by tdallagnol

    With a fair price, the built quality seems very good. It connects very nicely in my old Toshiba and HP chargers and to my Dell Inspiron. This adapter makes any charger to be detected as a 90W Dell Adapter! Very nice, so you can charge the battery of the computer, because Dell computers communicates with the charger to detect what is it.
    Very nice adapter. But you may need to pay attention to the power of your charger which you are intending to plug. The voltage should be around 19V and current should be about 4.7A if your computer had an originally 90W or 3.3A if the original charger was 65W.
    Definitely a must buy. Genuine Dell chargers are too expensive and weak, and this can save you some good money.

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