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male pin Customers Reviews

  • Excellent

    posted by kofi4ko

    Excellent product, does the job verry well. It's just plug and play. I received the product relitevly fast.For that price the product is excellent.
    great product. The seller can sweeten the deal with USB card reader or something.
    I recomend the product it's a realy cool thing to have
  • Great For your Xboxone controller if you dont want to use batteries

    posted by snoopdog69

    Works great with my xbox one controllerFeels good quality for the priceVery cheap and save you alot of money then using batteries for your xboxone controllerLooks great
    I wish they would make cables longer then 3mFor under 4 dollars you can save so much money then using batteries for you xbox one controller
    Bottomline If you are ok with wires for your xbox one controller you can use this wire to save you a ton of money
  • Feels cheap but works

    posted by jscatala

    The cable is as long as the original and fairly firm. The USB works without the need of reboot the host device and long enough to keep the pendrive or USB client not hanging too loose. // ESP: El cable de datos es igual de largo que el original y es bastante firme. El adaptador USB me funcionó sin la necesidad de reiniciar el dispositivo donde lo conecté, y tiene el largo suficiente para que no ande volando el pendrive.
    The cable works fine, feels cheap but works always so it is a good alternative (only for the cable). I still using the originar adapter but with this cable... The USB adapter, after split the cover from the male adapter needed to fix it with hot glue and now works like a charm... I move lot of data between my devices so the adapter is really usefull // El cable funciona tal como el original, si bien al tacto se siente de mala calidad, pero aún así funciona. Aún lo utilizo con el adaptador original y no he tenido ningún problema. El adaptador USB luego de que se separó la parte plastica de la electrónica la repare y no he vuelto a tener ningún problema. El adaptador lo utilizo bastante y me ha sido bien util
    For that price what else you can get???... works and does the job. // Por ese precio que más se puede pedir... funciona y hace lo pedido
  • HD 15 pin vga cable

    posted by jwaltz

    The cable is good length. It appears to be a well manufactured product. All joints are tight and clear. Given that this is a plug it in and forget it item, I expect to be fully satisfied with the life of the product as well. There are no moving parts to wear out. Basically I will plug it in and move on to the next task.
    This works as expected. I consider it a "Good value" for the money. Part of the reason I purchase such items this way is that they are inexpensive and yet do the job that they are intended for.
  • Good product

    posted by sarquez

    This product will help you with your issues on OBD plugs.Works fine with three pin of all kinds.Great finshed material, not very long cable, this will help you to tuck under your dash.
    Besides my ECU mistake, this is a great product.Should get it if necessary, cheap and great finish.
    Buy it.Should get it if necessary, cheap and great finish.

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