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  • Great Cable

    posted by GPunto

    It has good build quality better than you can expect for this price. Whole connector is made form metal.
    Someone don't like the colour of cotton finish, but that's not problem for me. I hide it anyway, so colour isn't important for me. It's not high end, but work perfectly for basic applications. The wire inside cable is quite thin. Diameter is about 0,5-1 mm. I didn't measure that.
    I use this cable between AV receiver and sub-woofer and there it works perfectly. You get what's on the picture. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Working cable

    posted by caterpilar

    Good price for 10 meter VGA cable. Works as intended, havent done any testing of its quality, but it delivers image from a laptop to a TV just fine.
    Note that I did not actually see this cable, since I sent it as a gift. My views are based on the gift recipient telling me that it works just fine. Posting anyway, since there are no reviews for this item yet. Similar cable in store here (Sweden) costs several times more.
    Good value for money for the one in need for 10 m VGA cable.
  • Works both ways!!

    posted by wks79

    This device works to convert your video card S-video output port into composite signal for older TVs without the S-video or VGA/HDMI inputs. I've tested it and it works perfectly and is not affected by signal standards (works both NTSC and PAL)I actually bought this to convert in reverse FROM composite TO S-Video instead and yes I know that there is no reason to convert component to S-video because you can't increase the quality of the signal. I am using this in reverse because my Hauppauge TV tuner card only has a S-video input alongside normal Antenna/Coax input (see pictures). However it is possible to convert the s-video input to accept the incoming signal as composite (this function is built into the drivers). Before this, I had to transfer old VHS recordings using the analogue antenna but this resulted in a notiecable drop in quality - and also lost the stereo audio signal. With this I could just use a composite cable to connect all video and L+R audio signals and capture.
    Before purchasing check your output port on your VGA card or laptop.Note that some S-video output ports have 7 pins. My nVidia GPU and motherboard outputs have 7 pins. If you are certain that the port is OUTPUT only, then this will work. The additional 3 pins are usually for input signals or additional features (VIVO, multimon etc) and can be ignored if you are not doing any capturing work. Some cards also use the 7-pin port even when they don't offer capturing function.
    It works .... (ignore the post on the forums at the bottom of the page saying that it would not work)
  • Very good cable

    posted by amirov

    Good quality connectors.It has a professional look and feel.After 5 minutes I was done working.
    I've a graphic card with two outputs one DVI and one DP and two LED screens with DVI plugs only. Now I have two working screens that I can use on the same computer.The only problem that I had was that the outlets on the graphic card are placed close and it took some time for everything to be connected well on the graphic card.
    The only problem that I had was with the graphic card and not with the cable.
  • KVM Keyboard/Video/Mouse VGA Male to 2 x PS/2 Male Connect Cable 1.5M

    posted by inflabz

    It is convenient to quickly connect computers to the same workplace, and complete with a USB-PS/2 converter even more convenient to use.
    It may be cheaper or better qualityLater, try to take photos and upload to the site DX
    I would like to see more offers similar products and it is desirable to better purged

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