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male female usb cable

You will be surprised our best male female usb cable with an artful design and an amazing price. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. male to female usb cable or usb cable male female 5 contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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male female usb cable Customers Reviews

  • MHL to HDMI Galaxy Note 2

    posted by shah

    Galaxy Note 2 and HDTV , It worked very well.Works even with 1080P movies .
    You will need a HDMI cable and the original Micro usb + Power Adapter of your phone.Attach this two peace as shown in the picture ( you need to use them both)Attach the HDMI cable to one side of MHL adapter and use the power adapter and micro usn on the other side.Connect it to TV and you phone , that is al.
    Good thing to buy.
  • It's not a must have.

    posted by FrancoDalle

    - Does work as an USB extension for:• charging a device• using a AA USB mouse
    It doesn't work to read USB pendrives which I think it would be the most useful use, so I don't know now how can I in an intelligent way use it.
    I bought this extension to eliminate the need of plugin my USB flash drives directly in my PC USB port. I thought I could use this extension to have on my desk a female USB port where I could plug my pendrive but I was wrong: during the 0,75m long it seems the power is lost and can't read the USB drive.
  • Nice cable fo my tab

    posted by geliard

    I bought this cable for connecting flash drives and 3G modem. Connection of flash drives passes with no problem. Android immediately finds the new hardware and opens file manager for accessing the files. 3G modem is connection ir also succeeded, but for this you must make modem firmware modification. There is lot of information about this in the Internet. cable itself is quite plastic, silicon insulated, well bents.
    Nice thing for technik maniac.
    cheap and good
  • Good extension for my modem

    posted by kocmohabt314

    It's good when you couldn't move your PC, and need to connect some devices which is far from it (WiMax modem in my case).
    This extension cable is veryuseful for me, because my computer is located in such place of my flat, where WiMax signal is too weak for proper connection, and with this cable I can put my modem where I want, and I've very good signal now.
  • Great Cable

    posted by marcus55

    Great quality and price.Beautifull. Connects tight enought, probably will loose with time. I see no problems put it near to eletric wires, no interference.
    Buy if you need a good usb extension. In São Paulo, I havent seen anything as good as with the same price.
    Thats it, good cable. Buy if you need. I probably will buy some more, to make a bigger one. I think those 10 m extensions hard to hide ou put in the right place or have any other use unless the inicial one. And in this country, we dont simply throuth away and buy another one hehehe

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