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male adapter Customers Reviews

  • So far So Good

    posted by xlordecstasyx

    It let me use my new sony headphones with integrated controls and mic on my old sony ericsson phone. So i dont need to buy an old pair of sony ericsson hands free or headset.It size is perfect, and it has no cable like the original sony cable.Decent Build quality
    So far so good, for the prince is what i was looking for.I recommend this for OMTP - CTIA conversion.This is a pic of what it does:http://www.simplecom.com.au/ebay/omtpvsctia.jpg
    Great deal. perfect price, really useful,
  • Great product, really good materials and quality!!!!!!!!

    posted by mauroxj

    This item is really well made and it is usefull for old old Renault cars.. it has really good materials and it seems it will not be broken soon..
    Great tool but anyway I did not test it on any car using ELM327.
    If you are looking for a 12 Pin Male to 16 Pin Female OBD II / OBD Diagnostic Adapter Cable for Renault here it is, do not doubt on purchasing from Deal Extreme!
  • Check the connector carefully

    posted by timandjulz

    Seems to be built fairly well. I have not been able to test functionally. See below the "bottom line" for more details on this.
    The body of the adapter is a rubber sleeve over a circuit board. The circuit board is pretty thick and the connectors on either end seem to be sturdy. This should hold up well for general use. I am not sure how much abuse it will withstand if you are a traveler like me. I throw these adapters in a backpack and then need to take being banged around a bit.
    Should be okay for general use. Not great if it will be banged around.
    PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION to the connectors. I originally bought this for connecting my Dell and Lenovo laptop DVD drives to another computer using esata cables. While they look similar the connector is different. The picture DX provides is a good closeup. Note the keyed cutouts that help prevent you from plugging in the wrong device. You need to compare carefully to your target device which I did not do.
  • Very nice product

    posted by ManiacB

    Very nice and bright color.Looks of a good quality. The cable itself has an inner colorful cord, and is covered by an outer transparent clear cover, which makes it very unique.Good audio quality! (haven't noticed decrease in quality whatsoever)
    Recommended. I use it to expend my headphones cable to my laptop. I use headphones with a mini plug, and it fits perfectly.
    Go get it!
  • Excellent quality cords

    posted by carbafx

    Good qualityIt has a good looking into my gamer cabinet with blue leds (bought it for that porpuse)The hook at the SATA cable that fits on the Mother Board works pretty good.You can not confuse the way the cords plug into the devices. It just goes in one way.
    It works for me like a charm.
    Good material. It is easy to plug and avoids pluggin to many times cords into devices on the computer. In one try you plugged two cords, Awesome!

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