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male 2 female cable

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male 2 female cable Customers Reviews

  • Works well!

    posted by panici

    Easily convert female 3.5mm TRRS connector into male RCA jacks.
    -I use it to convert my mixer output to 3.5mm for use with computer speakers.
    -Has many other uses
    -Converts either way.
    Get this adapter if it's what you want and need.
    Not much else to say about this simple adapter
    Get it.
    Seems like a good buy.
    Not sure what else to write here.
    Bottomline is that if you want to make this conversion, then this is the adapter for you.
  • Great product, not 1GBps capable

    posted by LeighCB

    Simple, fits most networking devices, allows you to power your device at the other end of an Ethernet cable. Just connect at either end in between device and existing cable
    Easy way to put a device somewhere you do not have power. I used it to power a Wifi access point from a UPS in the basement to a central location on the main floor.
    Need to send power over ethernet, get it.
  • is a very cheap and usefull gadget to use with another person

    posted by relopro

    it really works and is very beauty and simple to use, it don't change the sound and works very well, my girlfriend loved it and we use it a lot!
    i recommend to everyone that want to buy it to hear with another person the same music at the same time
    very good gadget and works verywell but is little weak...
  • Good performance

    posted by MisterNuLo

    Very good cable concerning the ratio between quality and price. It's a solid cable, a little heavy (I suppose) but when you have two VGA connectors connected together it's reasonable.
    I used the cable to connect my laptop with a TV and a PC monitor and I didn’t see any apparently losses in image quality. The cable shield and internal connections seems to be great for the job.
    I was a little apprehensive because no one had posted a review before me but now I’m very pleasant with my choice.
    It's a great cable and a great price. Get it if you need it.
  • Just splits the fun

    posted by Dezon

    Very cheap and small unit, is an unmissable item for your computer, laptop, tablet etc.Does what it says, though it's hard to say if it reduces the performance of your speakers/earphones.
    A real must have and a cool gadget to give to your friends, also maybe the best way to share your music without bothering other people.
    Just buy it, you'll never know when it will come in handy, except for that it WILL come in handy.Maybe even buy in bulk so you can provide all of your friends with one these.

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