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  • Stylish Stainless Steel Make-Up Cosmetic Eyelash Curlers - Random Color

    posted by scaldaf

    The product has a very beautiful packaging with metallic effects for esposição with intent to resell their appearance helps a lot, the product itself is easy to handle and seems to have a good quality
    seems to be a very good product and even women like to now had no complaint of this product
    if you need a product like this, I can not guarantee that it is good, I can guarantee that more women like her appearance
  • Great value for money

    posted by arianne

    Nice case containing quite a lot of useful brushes. Hardly any shedding at all. Brushes pick up my mineral make-up very well. The brushes each have their use. The bigger fluffier one is great for dusting powder all-over. The bigger flat one makes a great concealer brush, it blends nicely as well. The smaller flat brush is perfect for eyeshadows, you can even use it for lining. With the angled liner brush you can really push the eyeshadow into your lashline. The lipliner brush has just the right amount of stiffness. Eyelash-eyebrow brush does what it is supposed to do, no complaints.
    Nice set if you are just starting with mineral make-up and great for travel. Case is sturdy. Do not expect professional quality, but the brushes do their job pretty well. I have not been able to find anything remotely similar in drugstores, both in price and quality.
  • Very good for Home and Profi

    posted by vlaba

    The brushes come in a slim bag, nice for carrying in your purse. All brushes are very usefull for makeup purposes. It's a complete kit for every day use because it has all the basic brushes. Very nice Work
    Its a super way to start your make up kit. Great for a teen present or for your daily use. Home and profi
    Great buy, overall, a perfect adquisition. Great price and good for home
  • Great makeup brush set!

    posted by Aficionado

    I bought these for my wife, and this is what she said about them.Brushes feel very soft on the skin, but offer enough stiffness for excellent control and coverage. These brushes make her common drugstore brands of makeup feel like they are expensive premium brands. Great variety of brushes in the set. Nice case included.
    These are by far the best brushes my wife has used, and with the variety in the set she won't need to buy any for a long time!
    Hands down, the best quality and value of brushes you can get. Unless you need a unique brush that isn't in this set, or are looking for natural bristles, this set can't be beat! You should buy this set for yourself, wife, girlfriend, anyone that uses makeup!
  • Very nice quality

    posted by Denna

    To begin these brushes look really cute on your make-up table/area.They are nicely colored and bright yet they dont look cheap.For the biggest brush..Its very fluffy yet no hairs fall of [BIG PLUS] seeing that most cheaper brushes loose there hair..These hold there hairs...no stray brush-hairs on your face.The eyeshadow brushes do what they are supposed to do.I use the eyeshadow brushes everyday and they still look as nice when they did when they arrived
    They are a nice travel size..But also good for everyday use.Need a few extra brushes? Get these.They are amazing!I have owned many make-up tools..these are my favorite up to date!


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