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These cool magnifier light are high quality and at affordable prices. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

magnifier light Customers Reviews

  • good magnifier glass with built in led light er glass

    posted by moshemag

    Good quality plastic.wide base for firm grip.bright 6 white led on the edge.look like goos quality glass.came in carton bag with special sponge fit to cover the glass.
    I purchased 1 for work 1 for home and now 1 for my father as well
    Good product recommended
  • Doesn't work on Windows 8

    posted by socaldude

    Hardware looks good. Nice overall layout and design. No driver required for Windows to recognize the device.
    If you're never going to upgrade to Windows 8, this might be the product for you.
  • Satisfied with product

    posted by RonCam

    Fits over prescription glasses (wire frames)High quality opticsSturdy constructionIf used with sunlight or high-intensity lamp, LED not necessary.
    Plastic clip to retain lens is molded with an extremely tight fit. Understandable, since if it were the other way, the lens would slip or fall out. But, it is so very tight, repeatedly flexing clip by interchanging lenses is likely, over time, to crack the plastic clip. Solution: with a very small file, reduce peak of lens-retention bums on black plastic clip. Continue only until lens seats into clip with a faint click, under moderate pressure. Try not to flex clip itself when seating lens by keeping one finger on top of the clip, with other fingers pressing of bottom edge of lens.
    A worthwhile optical aid for anyone who does fine or detailed work. If you use it with bifocals, the distance part of the lens works best. Move (carefully, held only with single glue drop) the nose-support wires together. This will elevate the frame enough to make sure your line-of-sight goes through the upper, distance correction area, of your bifocals.
  • For amateur use

    posted by kaleidodx

    - Good price point
    - LED light helps under poor lighting, great for on the road use
    - UV light comes in handy
    If you're an amateur trying to spot inclusions in your gemstones, having an idea of what clarity means, then go with it. If you are a professional gemologist, appraiser or grader, go with a professional loupe. It's not design for professional grading purposes.
  • good price quality ratio

    posted by polyoot

    delivered in 1 1/2 week.Good lighting, good magnification, pretty small. The build quality is reasonable, and it seems relatively sturdy, specially for the price. And very important, it just uses plain AAA batteries. I don't want to have to order and wait for special batteries, so that is a major factor when I purchase anything. They are pretty well packed so it is still small anyway, and the weight isn't a bother or anything.
    nothing for this moment
    good and Pretty good purchase for the price.

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