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magnifier glass led Customers Reviews

  • Cheaply made, but they work!

    posted by dbleagle0

    They work. The light shines where it is supposed to. The lenses are changed easily. The lense holder flips out of the way for clear viewing.
    I received these in place of item 44007 and this product is BY FAR better. This product actually works (don't bother with the other one).
    If you need to magnify your working area without holding a magnifying glass, this is a great product.
  • Works well

    posted by temporary1

    It magnifies things! The included lenses are, (from memory... ) 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 (or was it 3.5?) so not huge mag, but good enough. The 3 lower powers worked fantasticly, and the light is pretty bright
    It fits a big head! with room to spare, likewise it looks like it can go pretty small.
    You can still wear glasses.
    The lens flips out so you dont need to take it off your head all the time.
    It does the job, still using it!
  • Good for the price

    posted by Sherlock3

    The quality is about what you might expect for the price. I was surprised at the detail you can see when looking through them. The leds are bright and very useful and the angles are adjustable. The position of the lenses can be adjusted to suit the width between your eyes and you can flip them up allowing you to use just one lens if you prefer
    If you are thinking of buying these for soldering, bear in mind they are only good for looking at your work before or after soldering. I would not attempt to use them while soldering because there is a high risk of burning yourself.
    For $6.40 I can't complain. Even though I can't use them for soldering - which is what I wanted them for - I am sure they will come in handy for other things
  • Good quality Nice Price

    posted by fatalica

    very good quality on the frame, very stable and strong matirial very comftable... the magnifier comes with tuning
    its suitable for the price but not so cheap . i recommend to buy it if you want to use it for hobbies. not worth to but for a proffesional job, in the other hand the matirial of the frame is very strong and comftable.
    i reccommed to but it if you want to use it for hobbies.
  • 20X glasses

    posted by focuse24

    Good quality, very usfull for all watch repairs jobs,or any other jobs like electronic, boards examin and repair. The light is very bright and well strong You can adjust it to any face as well.
    Good solution for any one who dealing with watch repairs or delicate electronics or CBs. Worth to pay somme more for this one instead using the ordinery watch repair magnify lens.
    I recomend it for people dealing with delicat repairs.

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