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magnets 10 pack Customers Reviews

  • Very nice

    posted by erangre

    Looks very nice and very colorful.Magnets seem to hold pretty well.
    Very cute, the numbers have eyes and are each a different color and pattern.Already buying the letter pack because this was great!
  • Broke very easy, but they are strong

    posted by Hamsterbacke93

    For the size they have, the magnets are really strong. Stronger than the other and bigger magnets I bought before (not at dx).Deutsch: Für die Größe, die sie haben, sind sie wirklich stark. Stärker als die anderen und größeren Magnete die ich vorher gekauft habe (nicht bei dx).
    I think they are a little bit expensive, but that are all..Deutsch: Meiner Meinung nach sind sie ein wenig teuer, aber das sind sie ja alle.
    Not a bad buy.Deutsch: Kein schlechter Kauf.
  • Neodymium Ultra Strong Magnet

    posted by yda4nik

    VERY strong magnets!
    very small!
    fun to play with and use it for some Help
    can be used for many actions!
    great for fun and just to play with when you dont have nothing to do!
  • These suckers are strong!

    posted by rocketsurgeon

    Strong. One of these suckers will keep a sizable stack of papers attached to your fridge indefinitely. Two or more, and you're more likely to rip the paper than yank it off.
    When I first ordered them, I picked these 'cause they were the largest DE sold. I'd have wanted even bigger.
    After getting them and playing around with them for a bit, I still sorta want larger, but I can see why DE may hesitate to sell larger ones. I stacked a few, and ended up getting a nasty pinch.
    These are great toys and pretty useful as well. Because they're so strong, you keep finding new and novel uses for them.
    Soon after getting my first 10, I ordered 10 more.
  • Super strong is no exagerationg

    posted by 00Dev

    WOW. these magnets are definately crazy strong. never seen anything so small atract something with so much force! one thing, they are way smaller than they look in the picture. but they do say the dimensions right on the page so my own fault for not paying attention.
    beware not to let them smash together because they will self destruct
    i use one or two in my pocket to keep my change in a nice little magnetic bundle. always cautious to keep phone out of that pocket though just in case!

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