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magnetic set Customers Reviews

  • handy tool

    posted by user12345

    I have been able to get into many things I wasnt spose to been in with this tool its great.many attachment for many uses carry it with me every ware.
    besides to bits getting stuck it really a great tool.
    if you like to look inside small objects like phones and nerf guns get this tool. if you just need a phinlips head get a normal screw driver your life will be easyer.
  • Educational toy

    posted by Harelse

    Good qualityI can see how my kid builds more complex figures every time he plays with this product. This product develops the imagination and the motoric ability of the kid.My kid use it with similer product I bought in US. DX product cost less and includes more pieces!
    My kid plays with it for hours.The high price is the only reason I don't by another kit.
  • Great

    posted by niki7six

    I really love it. The pieces are nicely done with great design and look very pretty, I'm really impressed. It's the best chess I've seen coming from China.
    Some people said it was too small. Well, it's the standard size of a small pocket chess set. It's not smaller. I have another chess with the same board size but the pieces are much smaller and uglier, so I'm very happy with this chess here.
    Get it you won't regret it.
  • One of the most useful tools ever

    posted by Michael4296

    This is one of the most useful and versatile tools ever. Every bit you've ever needed is stored in the back of this little beauty.
    More than worth the cost. This screw driver fits in the hand nicely, gives good torque, and is made out of very solid aluminum. It's tough, clean, and well built.
    More than worth the cost. 1000 times over, worth it.
  • Good, not sure if practical

    posted by PiPPoI

    It`s light. It has the classic and understandable style of piece print. It has lots of room outside the board, for putting exchanged pieces there.
    It`s good for playing while traveling, however the fact that the pieces are flat, with something dran on them, may feel "non-chess like"
    Get it, if you travel a lot and have someone to play with. However I don`t recommend it for beginning players.

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