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magic tricks Customers Reviews

  • Simple and effective for small audiences.

    posted by 731969

    No need to learn to control it's very simple. A good and effective idea. Simple and effective for small audiences. The relatively good performance.
    I am satisfied with the goods. In addition to size I have no other problems and concerns.
    It might be cheaper and bigger. If it were possible to select from a larger number of colors, it would be nice.
  • Works well, is cheap

    posted by drbadger

    Nice sheet, makes the coin appear to be on top of the rubber.Quite cheap, so buy a few.
    To do the trick: Take a coin. Place it on a stand which is smaller than the coin - an upside-down shot glass works well. Stretch the rubber sheet over the coin and allow it to shrink around the coin so the coin appears to be sitting on top of the sheet, but is actually under it. Put the sheet on a cup and use a rubber band to hold the edges on the cup. Put a 2nd coin on top of the sheet next to or tucked under the edge of the first coin. Ask the person to pick a coin (either take the picked coin away or keep the picked coin so the 1st coins is left on the sheet). Take the edge of the coin (through the sheet) and pretend to push it through the sheet until it drops into the cup. Allow the person to inspect the sheet for holes.
    Great trick.
  • Great trick, you don´t need to be a skilled magician

    posted by mmcoelho

    Great trick, you don´t need to be a skilled magician. Even a little children can play as great magician with this. If you have some skills as a magician, you can discover a lot of new tricks.
    My children loved it. They can play it without any special trainning.
    I think that for this price you can´t buy anything better than this. In Brazil you will pay ten times more.
  • It's pretty much OK for its price

    posted by markfir

    This trick gives a lot of fun to the kids, while watching adults doing it. The inside mechanism is pretty much hidden, although this item's parts are mostly transparent.
    Use vegetables sticks in the small hole for cutting demonstration (carrots, cucumbers and alike will be great)
    I would still recommend buying it, since it's cheap and the kids will love to see it working, along with some other tricks you may have, yet don't build your entire magic show around this trick...
  • Use with other magics and do the party

    posted by robsonkobayashi

    - Very dificulty to discover (Os detalhes são pequenos, sendo difíceis para descobrir).
    Manual in CHINESE e ENGLISH (manual em chinês e inglês)
    To solve the JOKER problem, you can remove them from the deck. Hearts and spades can be easy to remember, because one is the other inverted, like the weed's printed on back. (Para resolver o problema dos coringas, você pode removê-los do baralho. Copas e espadas são fáceis de memorizar, porque um é o outro invertido, assim como as marcas impressas no verso)


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