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  • Use with other magics and do the party

    posted by robsonkobayashi

    - Very dificulty to discover (Os detalhes são pequenos, sendo difíceis para descobrir).
    Manual in CHINESE e ENGLISH (manual em chinês e inglês)
    To solve the JOKER problem, you can remove them from the deck. Hearts and spades can be easy to remember, because one is the other inverted, like the weed's printed on back. (Para resolver o problema dos coringas, você pode removê-los do baralho. Copas e espadas são fáceis de memorizar, porque um é o outro invertido, assim como as marcas impressas no verso)
  • Great trick, you don´t need to be a skilled magician

    posted by mmcoelho

    Great trick, you don´t need to be a skilled magician. Even a little children can play as great magician with this. If you have some skills as a magician, you can discover a lot of new tricks.
    My children loved it. They can play it without any special trainning.
    I think that for this price you can´t buy anything better than this. In Brazil you will pay ten times more.
  • Very cool

    posted by miniman98

    - It's a very cool stylish ring- It's great for magic tricks- It fit perfectly- I had many people commenting on it
    I may have been a bit rough on the ring (e.g. smacking my hand on tables etc.) but I would have liked to see it be able to handle every-day tasks.
    Overall It's a very good ring for the price you pay, just make sure it's the right size. I give it a 9/10 and definitely recommend that you buy this if you are looking for a magnetic ring.
  • Nice visual coin effect - Needs some basic sleight of hand

    posted by markmontreuil

    Nice update of the old classic coin into champagne glassVery visualThe coin seems to fly into the glass
    The metal tray is the right size to be covered by a wine glass. You show two coins, a large coin and a small coin. You place the large coin on the tray and cover the tray with a wine glass. The audience sees the large coin in the glass. You then seem to throw the small coin into the glass, and the audience sees it appear inside. (You need to be able to do a basic coin pass to make this happen. Once is explained in the very short instructions, but you could find a better explanation on Youtube)
    Definitely worth the money, as long as you are willing to practice a bit. recommended.
  • It`s Esasy to use and a great Trick

    posted by BeckerCL

    It´s very easy to use, you must be put your finger and pull up the guillotine (this before the act), then put the finger again and make the trick.In the bottom hole, I put a match, but I had to apply some force to cut the match, if they can use something thinner would be ideal.
    It´s a great trick to the family.
    For the price, is a great product.BUY IT!!!

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