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  • ring ties at the end of the rope

    posted by MagicDurgin

    I have been doing this trick for about 5 years now or more. You take a chain, and hold it at the tips of your left index finger, and thumb. Bring the ring up through the chain to the top so it hits where you are holding it. You then drop the ring, and it ties itself at the bottom of the chain. Easy to do, and cheap.
    Good trick, and affordable, and easy to do.
    Buy it, or the more expensive one in the magic section.
  • Really Magic

    posted by Bainema

    -Easy to Use
    -Well built
    -High Quality
    -Seems identical to the original Vinturi
    -Good Presence
    Special for wine lovers. Elegant and decorative.
    It reveals the wine, letting you perceive the different aromas and flavors. As the name says, it's magic. Fantastic product. If you're an expert in wines, you'll see that it really makes the wine breathe. But if you're a lay in wines and you taste a wine before using the magic decanter and another glass after, you'll see that it seems it's another wine. Just need to advertise/remind that it's used ONLY for red wines!
    Very beatiful set that can also be used as a decorative piece for your house.
  • Magic box for torn and restored card trick

    posted by simonpiercy

    This box holds a full deck of poker sized cards.Can be used for multiple card transformations such as torn and restored card.Stands up quite well to audience inspection after use, as the gimmick is held in place with a strong magnet which stops them from seeing how it works even if they have a vague idea.
    I didn't know what this was when I ordered it but bought it anyway, I'm really glad I did. Build quality is really good and the fact it can be inspected afterwards is really great. If you keep your deck in the box then it looks completely natural to have and less like some kind of gimmicked contraption.
    If you are into card magic I would recommend this trick. I will be carrying my deck in it with a card in the secret compartment for torn and restored card and would highly recommend anyone else doing card tricks and close up magic to do the same.
  • Great trick

    posted by fabiorms

    The trick is quite simple to learn, although one need to practice in front of a mirror in order to master it. The instructions comes also in english.
    After you learn the trick, you can make more sets using regular rope. Just cut it at the correct sizes. My kids already made others for them to show to their classmates at school.
    Great value, and excellent for entertaining kids.
  • Great trick

    posted by paule

    Very cheap it is very very cheap!
    Tricks tons of my friends cause it is such a great trick and they think it was $10+ but It was way less then that.
    I was playing with my friend and we were bored and I remembered I had this he found out how it worked he asked where I got it from and he guessed it was $15 I showed him dealextreme he was like "OMG!"
    Why do need this 500 character limit I mean I write all the stuff about the product then it won't let me post the freaking review!


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