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magic puzzle Customers Reviews

  • Excelent cube

    posted by alinepegas

    The cube rotates really smoothly, and it comes with a good lubricant. The pieces are high quality, and the stikers are good as well.It is easy to lubricate, you don't have to disassemble it in order to do so. Just open a hole between two lines and put the lubricant.
    It's a very good cube for speed cubing. I don't recommend that you disassemble it, it's very difficult to put together again. Be sure you know how to solve the 3x3x3 before trying this one.
  • Excellent cube

    posted by stokejameshardi

    This is a DaYan Guhong, which is widely regarded as the best speedcube on the market. It cuts corners excellently, and is extremely smooth.
    The cube is fully assembled and fully stickered, which is always good.
    I would recommend buying some kind of lubricant( either lubix or maru) to reach the full potential of the cube, although it is still very fast un-lubricated
    The best speed cube on the market at an excellent price-a must buy
  • Good 2x2x2

    posted by andrici2001

    The materials used for the cube are of good quality. There is a manual inside explaining the technical stuff and providing a some solving algorithms for beginners.Turns smoothly so you can use it right away after opening the box.
    Not the best 2x2x2 cube but definitely a good choice.
    Overall, a good cube.
  • Amazing puzzle for the price

    posted by Nhick359

    Fully functional puzzle, just as good as any Magic you'd buy from a cube store. This is a LingAo magic. Glows in the dark quite well, which is a fun novelty. Comes with an extra wire, because as anyone knows, if you speedsolve a Magic, you'll eventually break a string.
    An amazing, speedsolvable puzzle with an outstanding price.
    If you're looking for a good magic, get this. It's a great price, and a genuine LingAo puzzle
  • Magic Puzzle

    posted by dragonicebreak

    It's cheaper than the kind you can buy in a store. If you just want to own a magic, then this is a good start.
    A lot of people who are into speedcubing don't like this puzzle because there is only one "unsolved" state, so you memorize the solution and competitions are basically how fast you can execute the optimal solution. But for non-speedcubers, it's a fun and potentially annoying puzzle. If you just fold the puzzle randomly you might get it stuck for quite some time!
    If you want a magic, this is a good starting point.


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