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  • Best cube quality ever

    posted by Llovera

    It turns really smooth and it cuts corners really well. I have used it for 6 months and it is in great condition, stickers hold perfectly, it came prelubed and I haven’t had a problem with it locking. Has manual to learn, if you know how to solve a 4x4x4 all u need for a 5x5x5 is there on pictures, so you don’t have any trouble with the Chinese instructions.
    Love it, Buy it!
    Best 5x5x5 cube out there.
  • Cool

    posted by TheScammah

    This reminds me of the toys they used to give out for winning tickets at the arcade when I was a kid. Very nostalgic.
    Looking forward to the others in this set coming out.
    Get this is you want to challenge yourself and your mind
  • Good game, poor quality

    posted by lacus

    Very good game, looks nice, feels nice, works well. There are plenty of videos on the net, so you can check it out how it works.
    It could have been a faulty piece, so with luck you could have a better one. It might worth waiting for other reviews, if the build quality is a general issue.
    Good idea, good game, good luck to receive a good one.
  • Good cube (sorry for the bad english i'm french)

    posted by laurent1991

    Very good cube. good rotationDon't pop (depends on screw setting)Ready to use (already make, not a DIY)internal system (very good)
    In order no grease or clean the cube you have to make a 1/8 rotation on a face, take the midle part and turn it with an angle of 90°, the part go off, repeat to each part
    A cube for all people from beginner to expert.I'm fall in love of this cube ! very amazing . It's my 3rd cube 3x3x3 and i can't come back to my old one's.
  • Awesome cube for everyone

    posted by andreekkn

    It turns great right after unboxing it. It is an authentic ShengShou 2x2x2 and the stickers are of really good quality, and seems very durable. The thension is the right one, and there is no need to adjust, but if you want, you are able to tension it by yourself. Has a good size, fits perfectly in my hands and is really smooth to turn. Almost never pops(only if falls in the ground for example) and the pieces are easy to put back in the place.
    Since the cube is an authentic ShengShou 2x2x2, the price is really low and very recomended for novices in speed cubbing to experts. Everyone will have fun while playing with this cube.
    My experience with this cube has been really great. I have nothing more to say than this is the best 2x2x2 that I have ever played with. Loved it!

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