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  • Not exactly what i was expecting

    posted by novolo

    These are some plaster eggs that cointain those foam animals what get bigger when wet.They break the egg, making it look like they hatched.
    Good for the kids. Tell them to feed the egg with water, and when they wake up in the morning they will have a small dinosaur.
    not that fun. very slow process
  • A good product

    posted by PHCarvalho

    It super dries! Very useful after a swimming or even for a shower in camp or travel.It takes very few space to take in the luggage and you can dry the hole body.
    It is synthetic, lot of people don't like it, I don't care.
    Worth the price. Have it, at least as a 'plan B' towel, or even a 'plan A', when you don't want to wet your other 'fluffy" one.
  • my kids love it

    posted by javierdp

    Good material. Good build.
    Change colours and the moons and stars bright in the dark.
    The change is very quick and have very much colours.
    My doughter is convinced that trully changes with the mood.
    I bought this for my doughter so I'm not looking for great quality, and for the price you can´t espect much of it.
    Great for kids. Nice "cheap gift". I don´t know how much it will last but at this time it's a good deal.
  • This is very useful!

    posted by atosby

    This is very useful! Will be useful for those who grow indoor plants require large amounts of water. Balls of green color, very similar to the color will be bamboo, for which I bought them. Beads can absorb water at 200 times their original volume. So that a small bag does not mean that there is a small amount.Suitable for any indoor plants that require large amounts of water and humidity.
    Balls are very small. Until they revealed many scattered on the floor. Next time it will be necessary to open over the plate.
    I am happy with my purchase! Buy more.
  • Great!

    posted by schopf

    - Really good product. It starts to get bigger in the same moment when you put it in water. And the final size is unbelievable if you compare with the initial size.
    - Colors are great and do a very good look when you put then in a glass pot.
    - You may replace real soil for it (but not for all kind of plants). So, you will get a cleaner environment.
    - 5 packs is great to make a beautiful glass pot. You may mix colors in you preference!
    - Really, really cheap!
    Its a great product, even to use as a gift.
    People like to see it and ask how the plant may live in it!

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