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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase magic iq here and you can save money at the same time. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

magic iq Customers Reviews

  • Nice looking Mirror Blocks Rubik's Cube. Smooth turning.

    posted by angelams

    I am impressed with this Mirror Blocks Cube. It is very smooth and turns out really well. I have beaten my speed records with this stuff easily. Has a fine look.
    Great speedcube but you have to be careful when solving it because it is quite fragile
  • Great Mf8 Megaminx

    posted by piyushp761

    1. Very great quality plastic2. has tiles instead of stickers3. original Mf8 megaminx4. Great Price(cheapest all over the internet at dx.com)5.After tensioning turns really great6. no pops7. great out of the box8. Like the color of the tiles9. looks like it is pre-lubed10.2nd best megaminx i have owned (dayan is better)11. very good for speed cubing
    the color of the tiles is really good and two of them are very shiny(silver and blue)the pink side has the Mf8 logo in emboss(i hoped it would be on the white side)It makes a wonderful giftIf you are bored of cubic puzzles and want something newthen this is it very good for speed cubing
    this is a must buy if you think you have had enough of the 3x3 to the 7x7
  • Dayan GuHong

    posted by cubingwolf

    This cube is the best on the market next to the Zhanchi (also by dayan) AND Its at the best price on the market. It Turns Amazingly smooth even without lube. The Corner Cutting is the best ever especially the reverse cutting. This cube increased my time by alot. It turned so smooth it motivated me to learn the fridrich method.
    The peices are shaped really differently then all other cubes, which it what gives it the crispy feel yet corner cutting ability. Another nice feater is that every peice is nicely polished. I think it would best be lubricated with lubix and CRC. Oh and if you want to track it for real go here: http://track-chinapost.com and input your tracking number into the USPS Box (for U.S. Customers)
    Dayan GuHong = Awesome
  • Good Cube

    posted by Ogima

    Who wants to buy a 4x4 this is the best, it has style and you can move it very easly. The bild is good, the colors don't take off, and the box is good. The colors are good, the built quality is magnific, buy it whithout any problems
    great seems like a professional, you can pass silicon and still good, but you don't need to
    great thing i really like it, the quality is good!
  • Best spped-cube so far

    posted by rochester

    Much better than those low-quality $2 cubes.Good sticker quality, good plastic quality, well lubed.Really good for speed cubing, and even good if you are just getting started.
    This is my third cube and I have lowered my time in more than 50% after using it!Arrived really fast, considering that I live is a small town in Brazil.I recommend you using something to track your time while solving and you'll see that you'll certainly improve in a few days.
    Awesome, will buy again soon.


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