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magic cube irregular Customers Reviews

  • Great Dayan Megaminx

    posted by Barbicha

    It is a great Megaminx. Dayan's got the best puzzles out there. Great turning, it looks beautiful when scrambled, it's already pre-lubed and tensioned.
    I've been owning this puzzle for five days now, and the more I use it, the better it gets.
    You should definitely buy this puzzle, good quality material, the price is worth it... You'll never regret your choice of buying this.
  • Great quality puzzle

    posted by RicardoConsonni

    Very smooth and well made, this is a challenging puzzle, it's actually called the Master Skewb. It draws lots of attention, due to its unusual movement, my friends are in awe! After some breaking-in and lubing, the pieces have almost no friction, turning very well.
    I love to show it off!This puzzle is not for beginners. Its solution is very complex, and even with instructions, it will take a lot of time to solve. If you're up to the challenge, buy it now!
    A smart toy, for an honest value! If you want hours of fun, buy one!
  • Very nice cube!! :)

    posted by Assato

    Very nice cube! Rotation quality is good (didn't even need to lube it), stickers seem good too.
    With a little practice (or, rather, a lot of practice), you can solve it the dark too :)
    When scrambled, this cube can assume very nice positions that will surprise people who don't know the Mirror blocks!
    Very good price, and very fun puzzle! If you know how to solve a rubik's cube, you'll know how to solve this one, so it's not actually a new challenge.
    Still, it's a very good looking cube that you just HAVE to have in your collection!
    Very good product, I certainly recommend it. Also available in gold stickers, so choose whatever you prefer.
  • really cool puzzle

    posted by Subzerodude

    Turns really smooth.collored stickers are plastic so they should last long.not hard to solve, but really fun to do. And it can be tricky because it is not symmetrical, i like that.pretty cheap doesn't pop.came prelubed. screw tension is adjustable.
    this puzzle is a great addition to my collection and i'm happy i bought it and i already have spent quit some time with this thing. it doesn't get boring.
  • Not for speedcubing

    posted by jlebourg

    - Nice shape- Seems VERY durable - and feels quite heavy (I'll tell you more in a few months... :) )
    It's a bit too small. My girlfriend has smaller fingers so I guess it suits her better, but for me it's a pain to solve it.
    Good quality but definitly not for speedcubing, it's just too slow. On the other hand, this is a cube that will probably last you for years of intense use, as it feels very durable. If you have small hands/fingers, I guess it's a good investment but people with big hands will probably find it uneasy to use.

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